How To Remove Truck Bed Cover?

While not every truck is fitted with a tonneau cover, it is one of the most useful accessories for your truck. These covers are often used to protect your valuable cargo from thieves and other issues that might arise from leaving it exposed, but many people have been asking how to remove the truck bed cover when you don’t need to use it.

Occasionally, there are a few nooks and crannies that you want to clean and in my cases, the exposed truck bed can be useful. This means you will want to remove the cover, but you need to right tools to do so.

In the following article, we aim to look at these covers and some of the main reasons why you could need to remove them. We also have a small guide to show you how to remove truck bed cover.

Why You Might Need To Remove The Truck Bed Cover

For many people, these covers are effective and they don’t feel the need to ever remove them. However, there are situations that you will need to remove it. We have identified a couple of conditions that might require you to remove the truck bed cover. Here are some of the main reasons for removing it:

  • Cleaning The Truck

One of the first reasons you would want to remove the cover is to clean the truck. While you can wash the truck with the cover, you will miss a couple of spots. However, you might also need to remove it if the cover is not water-resistant.

  • Painting The Truck

While this is not something you will do often, if you have an old truck, you might want to redo the paint job. To redo the paint job, you must remove the cover for painting underneath the unit.

It will also make the painting process easier, especially since most painting jobs nowadays are simply sprayed on the truck.

  • Loading Large Cargo

The tonneau cover is great for hindering thieves from ever reaching some of your cargo. However, when moving or transporting larger cargo, you might want to remove the cover. Once the cover is removed, you should be able to use the upper part of the truck for additional loading space for your cargo.

  • Weight Reduction

Some of these covers can be heavy and they add a lot of weight to your truck. Occasionally, you will want to reduce the weight of your cover, which makes it more effective in certain terrains. This will be rare as the impact of the cover is beneficial for the truck.

Benefits Of Using A Truck Bed Cover

Now that you have seen some of the reasons people want to remove these covers, you might also want to look at some of the benefits. Believe it or not, there are numerous benefits to keeping the cover on your truck. Here are some of the main benefits for keeping the cover on your truck:

  • Cargo Protection

One of the main reasons is cargo protection. If you stop at a red light or perhaps park your truck for a quick bathroom break, you might be at the mercy of thieves. There have been many cases of thieves simply jumping on the truck and stealing the cargo. However, the tonneau cover will prevent this from happening.

  • Reduced Drag

Whichever truck you have, you will notice that they are not streamlined. Trucks are not designed to be aerodynamic and this affects the gas you use. The tonneau cover will create a streamlined truck when driving at faster speeds. It should reduce the drag that is caused by wind and allow you to save on gas and increase speed.

  • Protection From The Elements

While not all of these truck bed covers are resistant to the elements, they offer some level of protection from the elements. Whether you are dealing with dust or rain, you will need to protect some of the cargo. There are various methods of protection, but the tonneau cover is one of the best ways that you can protect your cargo.

How To Remove Truck Bed Cover

By now, you might have seen why these covers are beneficial and why they are useful for the protection of your cargo. However, if you need to remove them for any of the reasons we have stated, you will need to know-how. We have identified the right steps that will allow you to remove the tonneau cover at home:

Tools You Will Need

Keep in mind that not all of these covers are the same and you might occasionally need to find different tools than what we suggest. However, for most standard covers, you will need a screwdriver to undo some of the screws. Next, you will also need some help from one of your friends or family to hold the cover and make the work a little easier.

The C-wrench that matches the nuts on your screws can also be helpful. Occasionally, these screws are extremely tight and when one person holds the nuts and the other turns the screws, it can make the job that much easier. The unit is tight and simply pulling it does not do the trick. You might need some force to get it loose. Here is how to remove the truck bed cover if you are sorted with tools:

1. Find The Points Of Attachment

One of the first things you need to do is find the points of attachment. These are the points that hold the cover to the truck. To identify these points, you will need to open the tailgate. Once you have opened the tailgate, you can remove the cover to look at where all of these points are on the frame. They are generally located along the sides on the frame of the cover and not the cover itself.

2. Select The Right Tools

The second step is to look at these attachment points and find the right tools for the job. Once you have the right tools, it should be much easier to loosen the screws. We should mention that if you have a soft sponge or old mattress, you need to place it between the cover and the truck bed. The softer material will prevent any scratching.

3. Loosen The Screws

If your truck bed cover features screws, you can now start loosening the screws. Every person will have a different method of doing this, but having the C-wrench will ensure that you have something to hold the nuts. One person can hold the nuts or loosen them from below, with the other person loosening the screw.

Often, you will find that there are also clips. The clips are used to attach the cover to a shock bracket. The shock bracket helps absorb some of the shocks that you are taking when driving on different terrains. You can use your screwdriver to loosen some of these clips and remove the shock brackets a little later.

4. Removing The Pins In The Hinges

When everything has been loosened, you will need to look at some of the hinges. The hinges have some pins. These pins offer additional stability and will keep the hinges in the right position. Once you have removed some of these hinges, you have most of the frame disassembled and you are ready to remove it.

5. Dismantle The Unit

Once almost everything has been removed, you should have a loose truck bed cover. Unfortunately, the cover is heavy, and moving it by yourself might be hard. If you want to remove the cover, you will need some assistance and generally, two people should be more than enough to help you get rid of the cover. However, three people will be much more beneficial.

Once you have the cover removed, you should find a decent storage space. Depending on the materials of the cover, it might need to be out of the weather. You don’t want to have it in the rain, as many of these covers are made from metal. The metal is often prone to rust and other issues.

6. Get Professional Help

While this might not be a step, it is useful to keep in mind that you always have the option of professional help. Removing a tonneau cover is one of the most tedious processes and you can spend a lot of time doing so. If you are in a rush, you can always take your truck to the body shop and they should help with removal. However, you will still need to transport it back home.


The truck bed cover is one of the best additions and accessories for your truck. It will make it possible for you to keep all your cargo safe. However, we recommend that you should look at these steps when it comes to removing the truck bed cover.



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