How To Make A 1 Ton Truck Ride Smoother? 7 Essential Tips

Driving your truck can be demanding and when looking at the marketing for these trucks, they tend to have a smooth riding experience. However, it is not always the case and when you take a few off-road trails, you might find that the trucks are bumpy and rough. However, you can put in some effort to make a 1-ton truck run smoother.

The following article aims to help you understand the 1-ton truck and find out how to make it run smoother. We look at some of the intricacies and adjustments that you can make to your truck to make it run slightly better. Once your truck runs smoother, it should be comfortable to take on longer journeys and explore. Truck Gps is the essential equipment for every trucker for a smooth ride.

How To Make A 1-Ton Truck Ride Smoother

A 1-ton truck is already heavy. However, these trucks have a lot of power and they can carry a lot of mass. When trying to make the ride smoother, you will need to do it in a way that does not hinder your load capacity.

You don’t want to lose any of the benefits, as these are the main reasons for you buying the truck in the first place:

1. Reduction of Unsprung Mass

No matter which car or truck you buy, you will notice that the suspension system generally comes the way it is. The suspension is never customized and the manufacturer tends to find a good setting and leave it at that for all trucks. However, you have the opportunity to customize the suspension for your own needs.

You will need to look closer at the suspension and you might notice that some of the components are made from heavier materials. These heavier materials might offer you some durability.

However, they also add load and reduce flexibility. If you can find lighter components, it might be better to replace your truck with these components to reduce the weight and improve ride comfort.

2. A Softer Suspension System

Whether you are driving a truck or any other car, the suspension has the biggest effect on how smooth the ride will be. The harder your suspension will be, the bumpier it will be when you are taking on different terrains. However, everyone has the opportunity to reduce the hardness of the suspension and replace some components.

When it comes to replacing your suspension system, you have to look at the unsprung mass first. In the first point, we mentioned the effect of weight on your truck. Once you can remove the unnecessary mass, the truck will be more maneuverable. The maneuverability will make it more comfortable for you to ride.

How To Make A 1-Ton Truck Ride Smoother

Next, you need to look at the shock absorbers. The shock absorbers can be tricky and you will need the right shock absorption to make it work for you. With a little bit of research, you can find lighter and more effective shock absorbers. However, it will be expensive. Fortunately, you can slowly buy them and install them once you have the complete set.

We should also mention that you could adjust the shock absorbers or even add more springs for better shock absorption. You might need to find some room for these shock absorbers, but once you are done, it will be more comfortable.

3. Try Different Wheels And Tires

The way you drive and the terrains that you encounter will have an effect on the truck. If you are driving on bumpy terrains and your tire pressure is not at the right PSI< it could make your ride a little more exhilarating than it needs to be. This means that minor adjustments or even the replacement of tires and wheels could affect your ride.

First of all, you need to look at the wheels and the rims. Keep in mind that bigger rims might look better for your truck, but they are heavier. The heavier these components are, the harder it will be to glide over bumpy terrains. You might need to look at some of the different rims and wheels to find something lighter for your truck.

The tires are next on the list. When referring to tires, we are talking about the actual rubber that is on the end of the wheel. Tires vary in thickness and quality when you look at some of these minor components. If you have better tires, they should endure even more and you won’t need to replace them as often.

However, lighter tires will add less weight to your truck and this will make the truck more comfortable and effective for you to drive. Keep in mind that the older your tires are, the more they will slide, which is not ideal for reducing the bumps from the road. It is recommended that you replace your tires when need and this could be seen by the level of thread.

4. Upgrade The Chassis

The chassis of your truck is the bed underneath the truck that steers the car and holds everything together. When looking at a standard truck, the aim of the chassis is to give you durability. Most manufacturers understand the treacherous terrains that many people like to play with when driving their truck, which means durability, is important.

Unfortunately, making the parts more durable also makes them heavier, especially when heavier materials like those that steel is used. While it might be a little bit expensive, you can upgrade or even replace the chassis when need. At first, we would start with minor upgrades to specific parts of the chassis, including the drivetrain.

If you have the available funds, you might want to consider replacing the entire chassis. The chassis is vital and important, which means you need to look at durable and high-end components to ensure it holds up. Nothing is more frustrating than damage to your chassis. Rather save a couple of bucks and replace the chassis with a good lightweight option, instead of taking risks.

5. Find And Remove Vibrations

When you drive the car off the lot, you will have something brand new that will not have any additional issues. However, the more often you drive your car, the more the components will start to deteriorate. Once these things start to deteriorate, you will notice that you have a little more vibrations than you have at the start.

These vibrations can be frustrating and even when you have a smoother ride or the best chassis upgrade, stubborn vibrations can make the truck bump around when you are busy riding. If you want to reduce the vibrations on your truck, you should certainly take it to the dealership and get these vibrations fixed.

Alternatively, you will want to fix any broken parts. Broken parts on your car can also lead to excessive vibrations. However, when you fix these parts, it should automatically remove most of the vibrations. If left unfixed, small problems can escalate and lead to larger parts of the truck being damaged.

6. Reduce The Payload

The last thing you can do is to reduce the payload of the truck. However, most people don’t want to do it and we have included it as a personal preference. If you want to reduce the payload and you can afford to do it with your daily activities, it is something that you might need to consider.

The lower your payload, the fewer vibrations you should have and it should have less of an effect on the springs or shocks.

7. New Leaf Springs

Finally, the springs are back again and while we like to place a lot of emphasis on the springs, it is one of the most important parts of the truck that will lead to a smoother ride or cause excessive vibrations. In most Chevy trucks, the springs are one of the first things that tend to go and you will need to replace them more often than other components.

Fortunately, Leaf Springs are something that you can buy on your own, and with some basic mechanic skills, you should also be able to put them in your car. If you drive a Chevy truck, you must get the real parts. This goes for every car manufacturer and often the dealership is the best place to get your replacement parts.

You might think why leaf springs and not airbags. There is a misconception that airbags will make the ride smoother than the leaf springs. However, this is not the case for everyone and it has sparked a lot of debate around the internet. Whether you are choosing leaf springs or airbags, it will all come down to your personal preference.


If you drive a 1-ton pickup truck or any pickup truck for that matter, you will notice how important it is to your life. Driving on dirt roads is exhilarating and fin, but dealing with vibrations can be frustrating. These tips should help make the ride smoother and we would love to see some of your comments on how to make your ride smoother.

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