How Much Does Celadon Trucking Pay?

Did you know that whatever you end up becoming, it always perks up your interest with earnings? Let us face it; trucking is a career that one should not have chosen if it did not pay well.

However, various transportation groups offer different paying benefits and all. What we seek is the one that can keep you content each month/week. You can save up for future plans too, maybe!

So how much does celadon trucking pay that makes you want to take a chance? This is the topic we will cover in this article. In case you do not know much about Celadon, how about a brief history lesson first?

Do not worry; we will try not to make it too dull.

About Celadon

It was in the year 1985 when the Celadon Group Inc. Company was founded. You may not have noticed the Celadon name on many carriers. So next time you drive on the highway, you might come across one of these and acknowledge it.

Anyway, the company base is in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. About 4,000 people were chosen to get hired internationally, which later swelled in number as the company boomed.

Celadon is now one of the largest transportation companies that run regionally and OTR-wise. This allows the establishment to be more progressive and widespread all over the country.

How Much Does Celadon Trucking Pay

Another reason to favor this truckload movement is the way it maintains the fleet. The company has won many awards for the safety and advancement of technology.

So when you choose Celadon, you can happily assume the vehicles used here are fuel-efficient, young, and safe for any haul.

Hiring Requirements

Now you have to meet some essential requirements, or else it is game over on the first round. It is absolutely crucial that you are determined, though.


Unfortunately, it is not an easy part-time job that an above 18 person can take. Even if you pull off impressively at driving, Celadon will not accept you unless you are officially about 22 years old.


While some might tell you that do not need experience at all. It is better to wise up and have at least verified experienced about 6 months within the last 3 years. Furthermore, fill up the list with real flatbed hauling with small businesses.

It will brighten the resume if the experience is somewhere between 6-12 months.

Class A CDL

You cannot even consider trucking anywhere in the States without a Class A CDL. It is a kind of license that allows you to operate different sorts of trailers. The license even lets you drive the Class A and Class B vehicles as well.

Driving Record

Let us hope you have been a loyal citizen of the country by staying within the law. It means you must have a squeaky clean record of driving. Also, Celadon will not accept anybody with a reckless driving conviction in less than 5 years.

If you have any such record in the book like DWI or DUI, it is better to have passed the 5-year period.

Celadon Trucking Pay

This is the point where you take notice because trucking with Celadon does come with convenient benefits. However, it varies in each sector.

Solo – New

Suppose you are entirely new to this job and have zero experience on the line. Celadon will not technically reject you, but the company will see your value. Of course, zero experience does not mean you can hand over an empty record.

You will still need those 6 months’ worth of knowledge. If you make it, you clearly get the job.

Since this will be your first time trucking with a big company like Celadon, you will receive about $0.33 CPM. The CPM is the term Cent Per Mile.

It shows that each time you cross a mile, you pocket 0.33 cents! Additionally, you gain an increase of 1-cent at every 120,000 miles.

This is celebrated by a week off and a $500 pay – the anniversary as they like to call it.

Solo – Experienced

Say you have more than 3 years of experience in the trucking career. You are an excellent driver who safely hauls the loads with precise handling.

Of course, the pay increases as well. You will receive a $0.34 CPM due to your expediency.

The 1-cent increment with every 120k miles and the 7-day off with a $500 incentive are applicable here, as well.


All the rules and conditions regarding the payment are pretty much the same as a solo. However, the starting pay for the team drivers begins at 42 CPM.

In case you are wondering what team means here, it is when you are assigned with another driver.

It usually occurs when readying for a regional or long haul without making any stops.

Bonus Pay

Who does not love bonuses, whether it is in the games or a paycheck? Once again, there are two ways these bonuses are distributed.


There is the anniversary increment when you reach a certain mileage. Nevertheless, bonuses vary on whether you drive safely or carrying hazardous loads.

In that case, hauling HAZMAT loads gives you an extra $0.03 per mile you drive. And if you safely transport the goods or equipment at each tour, you get $0.005 per mile as well.


A similar bonus regarding safety and HAZMAT loads applies here as well. On top of it, there is a split bonus of $0.06 per mile if you run 17k miles and for 28 days. It follows the calendar month.

That is not all; each time you and your partner cross 240k miles, both will receive an increment of $0.01 per mile.

Other Benefits

Celadon does not only offer an impressive paycheck but also provides many other benefits. These come in handy when you retire.

One such retirement plan is the 401(k). Here you will contribute a portion of your wage each time that goes directly into your retirement savings account.

Plus, there are the paid holidays you get or the sick leave. You can even have a life insurance option for the disabilities. Additionally, there are no uniforms; you can choose your preferred casual clothing to keep you comfortable.

Although the Celadon Driving Academy is closed, it offers reimbursement for the education, training, or tuition.  In short, you can get a hold of various insurance plans that will aid you to lead a comfortable life after retirement.

Let us not forget the medical advantages you gain too, including dental and vision. It will always work in your favor whenever you get a toothache, dry eyes, runny eyes, or something more serious.

Final Words

Trucking had been a sturdy job in the past – it still promises the same benefits to this day.

To top it off, there could not have been a better company than Celadon in this industry. It offers stable income, comes with bonuses, and provides beneficial features.

So, what are you waiting for? If you love an outing that pays well, Celadon could be the start. Happy driving!


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