Dry Van – Make $60,000/Year!

The Celadon dry van fleet focuses on long-haul routes and averages 2,400-2,600 miles every week.

We’re going back to trucking basics and putting our drivers first at Celadon. Dry van drivers at Celadon can earn over $1,200 per week! Add to that a pay raise every 120,000 miles (no cap), and our paid vacation package, and we think there’s no better time than now to join our team!

Celadon’s vacation package, in short, is one that makes our administrative employees jealous! You earn 1 week of paid vacation every 30k miles you drive. Take a vacation or take the payout and keep running, you get paid either way!

Ready to drive? See if you meet our hiring requirements and join the Celadon family today!

dry van bonus


dry van drive celadon

Dry van drivers can average over $1,200 per week with Celadon. Drivers also earn an additional bonus on both HazMat and reefer loads. Better yet, earn a raise every 120,000 miles driven!

Driver trainers can earn up to $300 extra per week on top of their pay for hauling the freight.

Freight consists of mostly no-touch, drop-and-hook loads. We guarantee dock detention pay after just 2 hours and also offer 100% lumper reimbursement.

We are also rider- and pet-friendly, so feel free to bring them along with you to see the open road!


As always, we provide medical/dental/vision benefits and a 401(k) option for all company drivers.

Drivers get 1 day off for every 7 days on the road. You also earn 1 additional week of paid vacation every 30,000 miles. So take that vacation or take the payout and keep running, you get paid either way!

Additional perks include an on-site health clinic for drivers AND their families as well as over-the-road access to doctors and a health coach. We also have a basketball court and weight room on site at our driver welcome center.

Lastly, our Safety Incentive Program offers huge rewards for all safe miles from our company drivers! Check out the rewards program details here. 

Company Driver Success Story

Starlene Hall has been with the Celadon family since 1995.

With Star’s valued experience, she’s now earning $.50/mile on Celadon’s premium pay package. Match that with Celadon’s ability to provide an average of 2,400-2,600 miles per week, she has the opportunity to earn $1300/week, $67,000/year!

Hard work and dedication allow Starlene to live an optimal life on the road and at home with her grandchildren.


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