Top 5 Best Sunglasses for Truck Drivers: Reviews 2021

Sunglasses are a prominent need for a truck driver. As they drive in different weather, variable light conditions, and day and night, sunglasses are the ultimate solution to give them an eye-soothing feel and relax move. The best sunglasses for truck drivers can make a great deal. But you have to find the right sunglass that is a complete pack of innovative features.

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How do you find them? It is a hard job as there is a massive collection in the market. We have appropriately researched to find the perfect top sunglasses for truck drivers to make this tough job easier. Before making a bad deal, you should check these top-notch sunglasses first. Let’s explore them.

Best Sunglasses for Truck Drivers

Sunglasses are the protection of your eyes. With the protecting option, these glasses are part of your fashion sense, of course. You have to see the functions responsible for giving protection to your eyes as well the styles, design, and flexibility. So, don’t be late anymore, let’s start checking. 

1. RIVBOS Men Polarized Driving and Sports Shades

RIVBOS Sunglasses for Men Women Polarized UV...
  • Make A Strong Fashion Statement-Who says you have to sacrifice glamour for the sake...
  • Superior&Light Frame-RIVBOS frame made from durable TR90 material,these polarized...
  • TAC Polarized and Mirror Coating Lens-RIVBOS lenses are made of Triacetate...
  • Package&Accessories-Each RIVBOS Sunglasses are Packed in A Hard case with buckle,...

Sunglasses are not for only protection but also a style and fashion showing the trend. RIVBOS comes with the best quality and trendy design. These glasses come in lots of colors and colors combination. The plastic frame is matched with the color of the glass, and some glasses have an excellent blend between the frame color and the glass color.

With so many options, you will like a glass of your choice. Who knows, you may select more than one. The affordability will support you to have this premium quality eye protection in more quantity.

If you are concerned about the level of protection of your eyes, these glasses are the best choice for you. If you are thinking of truck driver glasses, then these glasses are perfect. Each of the glasses has several layers to perform the protection at different levels. The 100% UV light protection is sure here. This glass gives you protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC. It also provides 98.9% protection from blue light. 

The polarized filter lens filters light and provides that much to you, providing your correct view at an optimum level of light. The UV tac lens and tac lens layer protect your eyes from every type of problematic rays. Besides, there is a mirror coating over the glasses to protect the glass from any harm, which increases the longevity of these glasses. 

The flexibility of the frame is unthinkable. Frames are super-flexible to handle. There is a 30 millimeters bridge that imposes a super fitment on your nose. With the lightweight, you will find these glasses super flexible and comfortable to wear. With premium-quality eye protection, these glasses will ensure the best ease of these glasses. Truck drivers will have fun with style and get the proper protection to their eyes.

With a stress resistance power, these sunglasses are durable for a more extended period, you imagine. These break-proof glasses last several years. However, you want to move or bend, and you can do it. This premium construction lets you use these glasses with vigorous flexibility. Get one of the sunglasses and enjoy the protection.


  • Polarized and upgraded lens
  • Flexible plastic frame
  • Soft plastic frames are durable
  • Unique design with a premium color combination


  • Rubber earpieces are not attached perfectly

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2. J + S Classic Military Style UV Sunglasses

J+S Premium Military Style Classic Aviator...
  • POLARIZED LENS – specialized multi layer lens designed to filter and block over...
  • UV 400 PROTECTION - J+S Vision lenses are 400UV rated, meaning it can block 99%-100%...
  • HIGH QUALITY FRAME – made with metallic alloy that is ultra light weight yet strong...
  • PERFECT ALL ROUNDER - being Polarized and 400UV protection makes these sunglasses the...

With a great viewing option, J + S sunglasses will soon be your favorite. The polarized view cut off all the harmful light, and only necessary sun rays reach your eye. For better fitting, the metal frame and the bridge support beautifully. To make these glasses solid and superior in quality, metal frames and upgraded joint attachments impose a firm finish. If you drive a truck, eye protection is a must. These sunglasses fulfill the demand properly. 

The polarized lenses are formed in multiple layers where each layer works for particular purposes. When driving the truck on the highway or other shiny places, it is common that your view gets interrupted for an intense glare. These glasses are made keeping all the considerations in mind.

You will see how nicely these glasses are protecting you from the glare. You do not understand that you are passing an area full of rays of sunshine and glare all around. The optimal vision will keep you safe from all the obstacles.

We all very well know how harmful the UV rays are. These sunglasses are responsible for protecting your eyes from UV rays. If you think there is a chance to tan your skin around your eyes, do not think it is only your problem.

Many customers like to have protection to the eye skin too within eye lenses. Knowing this fact, J + S makes their glasses wide enough that they can resist harmful sun rays to touch your eye skin. Lenses are 62 millimeter-wide that is enough to cover your eyes along with an eye circle. 

As there are many layers on each of the lenses, their settings can harm your vision. That is why these layers are oriented vertically to block the UV rays and glare horizontally. Then you will have a premier vision in terms of durability. You must be sure of this as you see the glasses with metal frames and composite lenses. Lenses include layers for better protection and have the power of scratch resistance, distortion-proof design, and optical clarity. 

Having a rough and tough use of these glasses, you will like to keep them with you for a long time, and it is possible for its long-lasting benefits. For any outdoor use, including driving and sports, these glasses are the better choice. The bold military style will make a specialized outlook for you also. Grab one glass to have all the functions and match the recent trend.


  • Premium construction with composite lenses and metal frame
  • Polarized lenses with multiple layers for solid protection
  • 99.9% protection from UV rays
  • Scratch resistance and glare protection


  • Comparatively heavier for the metal frame

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3. Fiore Polarized and Non-Polarized Sunglasses

Fit Over Sunglasses Polarized Oversized Glasses...
  • 👓 FIORE – THE BRAND YOU CAN TRUST. No more expensive prescription sunglasses!...
  • 👓 EXCEPTIONAL DESIGN – Our sunglasses fit over are expertly crafted to offer a...
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When you are driving your truck, you must need a sunglass, and a sunglass may change the color of the object while giving you protection from sun rays. It is a common fact. Do you like it?  We are sure you expect to see the same natural color of all the objects keeping your eyes under shades. It is possible if you have this Fiore sunglass. These are the perfect truck driver sunglasses. You can see all the objects ahead in natural color, enabling you to understand the overall view. 

With all the innovative features included, these glasses are of a plastic frame and plastic lenses. This type of construction makes these glasses light in weight and comfortable to use. You can go on a long journey and keep wearing these glasses all day long, but you do not feel any trouble or tiredness in your eyes. All the updated functions and designs are included to make these glasses premium for prolonged use in terms of protection. 

Though they ensure an accurate color view, the shiny glare can affect your sight. That is why these glasses are glare-resistant. No glare can block your vision. You do not even feel the effect of a slight glow from the sun. It reflects sun shines directly from the glass that blocks the entry of those rays. These glasses provide 100% protection from both UVA and UVB light with the UV 400 functionality. 

Besides all those features and options, a vast collection of sunglasses is the perfect choice for truck drivers. Some polarized sunglasses are available for night vision too. Those are amazing and so comfortable to see at night that you will start to love them. From a vibrant collection of stunning color combinations and trendy designs, customers have a nice trip of choosing their glasses. 

These glasses are more famous for their fit-over option. The design maintains the fitting in such a way that feels very comfortable to wear. The bridge length, temple length, and the lenses diameter are perfect to wear at great ease. So, do not be late to collect one for you too.


  • Polarized view in natural colors and glare protection
  • Plastic frame and lens for the better comfort
  • High longevity
  • UV protection 
  • Affordable


  • Yellowish brightness is high

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4. Maui Jim Peahi UV Filter Sunglasses

Maui Jim Peahi w/ Patented PolarizedPlus2 Lenses...
  • Click the Maui Jim link above to visit our brand store, where you can find our entire...
  • All Maui Jim sunglasses feature PolarizedPlus2 lens technology that go beyond...
  • Enjoy ultimate UV protection combined with premuim style, incredible durability,...
  • HCL Bronze lenses feature a warm tint that provides versatility in changing light...

Do you want a lustrous look and specialized personality show? Maui Jim brings a specialized-sunglasses that gives a posh look over everything. The glass-made lenses and nylon frame construction are gorgeous in style and fashion. These glasses are so incredible that they include all the necessary protective features within the rich finish.

There is no compromise in quality and protection level. The glass-made bronze lenses provide high contrast option to give you a warm tint and soothing vision option. The reflective power of the glasses is so powerful that it is perfect for protecting your eye in every weather condition.

The light or rays of the sun varies over the cloud movement and other requirements. The shining level of the sun also varies with time. Maui Jim glasses change their protection coverage by balancing with the light varies with time. 

The most popular glasses of this company are the bronze ones, but there are more collections too to match your demand. You can check all their items that include rose, grey, green lenses. To provide balancing protection from the brightest light, the bi-gradient is applied on the lenses from the top and bottom parts so that they can block light from above and below. That is why many eye specialists suggest these glasses to soothe your eyes. 

A truck driver, who has to drive a long time and six to seven days a week, will have a perfect solution to many of their eye issues by using these glasses. As these glasses are made of glass material, you may think of their durability. Do not worry. These glasses have a layer that is scratch-resistant and shatter-resistant. So, you can use them with great ease. Glass-made lenses will not break easily. 

Besides, there are 20% to 30% thinner layer of the glass that helps it to be break-resistant by the coverage of the solvent-resistant layer. For this solvent resistance, these glasses are easy to clean. For better fitment, the design maintains the size and shape balance.

The saddle-style bridge at the middle of the lenses helps in a comfortable setting on the nose with the nose pad.  The temple and wrapping style support the fit for both the men and women. So, have an exclusive and elegant look with these glasses.


  • Thinner glass layer lens with the scratch-resistant cover
  • Premium durability with solvent resistance and shatter resistance
  • Bi-gradient layer for the better light protection
  • UV light protection 
  • Glare protection with polarized lens


  • Expensive 

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5. Serengeti Titanium Velocity Sunglasses

Serengeti Velocity Sunglasses (Titanium Aviator)
  • Medium-Med Large, 60x38mm, 16mm Bridge, 2-Year Manufacturer Warranty

There is no alternative to the classic taste in outlook. Serengeti brings a classical designed and timeless fashion supporter sunglass to be with you for long. When you put on these glasses and see yourself in the mirror, you will like them the most. In a classic style, you will get the chance to move worldwide where your eye protection is ensured. 

These non-polarized glasses are made of photochromic mineral glass. So, the glare protection and the blocking off of shiny sun rays are sure from these glasses. You will get a clean and clear vision over the brightest sunshine. These glasses also protect from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Glass lenses are obviously better for images. You will get a premium quality sightseeing option when you ride your truck wearing these glasses. 

The lenses are of borosilicate mineral optical glass that is activated by unique technology. Each of the lenses passes a hydrogen-fueled Lehr furnace that starts the spectral controlling technology. This technology controls the lens hue, which is the central part of the color and vision determination. Actually, it contains varying temperatures and thus prevents the hue.

Such advanced design reveals the best seeing experience under the bright sun. There is also an anti-reflective coating over the glasses to cut the chance of light scattering.

These glasses are made of glass but non-breakable. To stop the breaking chance, it has a scratch resistance coating. There is also chemical tempering to resist the impact effect. For driving, camping, or sporting, these glasses will be the superior supporter.

Not only the lenses but also the frame is impact resistant. These metal frames are stronger to hold the glass-made lenses, but the structuring and thinner glasses are responsible for making these sunglasses lighter than you think.

These light glasses are comfortable to wear all day long. If you need them every day on your job, they are the right choice. With the wide fittings, you will like to use them with great comfort. Manufacturers make these glasses with a variety of aesthetic designs, colors, and beautiful combinations. If you want to view the world from a different angle, grab these sunglasses soon.


  • Premium quality metal frame and glass lenses
  • Borosilicate optical lenses for a better view
  • Impact resistance included
  • Anti-reflective coating


  • Expensive

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Buyer’s Guide for Truck driver Sunglasses

What are the best sunglasses for truck drivers? Truck drivers need complete eye protection with better durability. As there are many more sunglasses collections, it is a must to check some notable points of glasses while you are choosing them.

If you check them properly, you will get sunglasses with premium features and functions. Let’s know the unique features that you have to check before buying the sunglasses.

UV-ray and Glare Protection

Sunglasses are for protection from the lights, especially from harmful rays. When truck drivers drive for a long time, they face many light sources that directly attack their eyes. It is a must-needed part to have a sunglass when you are driving a truck. 

You have to choose a glass that protects your eye at least from the UVA ray. But some new sunglasses models have the power to work on UV 400 that ensures 100% protection from UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Besides, polarized lenses can give glare protection.

Shiny light from the sun or other sources is ordinary that acts as an obstacle for a driver’s view. The glare protection is a necessary fact too for the truck drivers. Look for glasses with the feature of glare and UV ray protection.

Build Materials of Frame

Frame material is a significant fact for sunglasses. Manufacturers use many types of frame materials. Sunglass frames are made of metal or stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, and synthetic ingredients. Metal is better for the best durability and strength, but they are heavier comparatively. 

Aluminum and titanium are good choices too. They are lighter than metal frames. All these metal, aluminum, and titanium materials are hypoallergenic that are safe for skin. Synthetic materials like nylon and plastic frames are popular options for customers. They are light in weight and flexible to use. Depending on your benefit and fashion choice, you have to select the right one for you.

Lens Color and Tint

Apart from the polarization and other protective layers on the lenses, there are other important facts like color and tint. The importance is related to the effect on the vision. Yes, with the color and tint change, there comes some vision change. The darker the color of the lenses, it gives the darker image. 

With the tint effect, the vision also provides a darker to lighter view. There is the level of tint that is from class 0 to class 4. Class 0 is for the softer vision, and class 4 means the darker vision. Moreover, there are photosensitive lenses to protect your eye by reacting to the lighting change. A brighter light gives a darker idea, and the darker environment gives a lighter picture. 


With less importance, the design becomes a fact for customers. They like to follow the trend and style with their sunglasses. There are plenty of methods, and it changes with time. What you want depends on you. With so many color combinations and temple designs, you will want to work on choosing one. 


The size, length of the temple, and bridge length are essential facts for better fitment. If the sunglass is loose, you will not find it comfortable. Instead, there will be a chance to drop off the glass when you are driving your truck. If the glass is tight, you cannot wear it all day long. So, the fitting is essential. A poor fitting can be the cause of total loss.

If the frame is made of flexible material, it becomes more comfortable. When you buy sunglasses, you should try them on to be sure of the fitment. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you know the answers to the most asked questions, you can clear all your confusion. It will be helpful for you to choose the correct sunglass for your purpose. 

#1. How the polarized glasses suitable for truck drivers?

Ans: It has been proved from some researches and studies that sunglasses with polarized lenses do better for drivers than standard lensed glass. It has been found that polarized glass users can have a better balance on break than normal glass users. Wearing polarized glasses, drivers driving at 50 mph can stop their truck or vehicle from 23 to 27 feet distance.

#2. How are the UV400 sunglasses suitable for driving?

Ans: It provides complete protection from UV rays. UV 400 means that the glasses can protect the eye from UV rays with 400 nanometers wavelength. This length includes both the UVA and UVB. The UV 400 glasses provide 100% protection. 

#3. Are there any disadvantages of polarized lenses of sunglasses?

Ans: Yes. There are demerits to the view change regarding the polarization of the lens. It feels like we see on the LCD screens. Sometimes, it feels like we are flying. Some people cannot adjust to the dark vision, and they think they are riving at night. People who have sensitive vision issues cannot take the light-changing fact after wearing polarized sunglasses.

#4. How are the brown and grey sunglasses?

Ans: Dark color sunglasses, including brown, grey, and green color lenses, are the better choice for everyday outdoor use. These glasses prevent the entry of glare the most and thus reduce eye strain to the eyes that is possible for the moderate to bright light. In terms of distortion, grey and green glasses do not distort colors. But the brown glasses may cause some distortion at a low level.

#5. What is the main difference between polarized and standard sunglasses?

Ans: Polarized sunglasses can protect the eye from light and can filter light and prevent glare entry through the lenses. Regular or standard non-polarized glasses can control the light access only. They cannot filter light and bright glare.

#6. Why do pilots prefer non-polarized sunglasses?

Ans: There are LCDs on the cockpit that emit polarized light to show the signals from another aircraft. If pilots wear polarized glasses, they do not see these signals that come from LCD. It can be the cause of accidents. That is why pilots avoid polarized sunglasses.

Final Words

Now you have the best sunglasses for truck drivers in your hand. You already know how balancing the size and shape of these glasses have that can give you the most flexible using option and comfort. With UV ray protection and the glare reflection function, all the glasses are a top-notch selection. Surely, you do not regret choosing even one of these glasses. 

When you drive the truck, sunglasses will give you a better view and protect your eyes from harmful lights. If you want to have a nice experience in your journey, you should grab one glass from this list.



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