5 Best Lock for Moving Truck in 2021

Are you tensed about the security of the back of the moving truck? you will need a perfect lock to secure the moving truck. If your truck is carrying some valuable elements, it is a must to keep the back part of the truck locked. 

The best lock for moving truck is more than securing the back of the truck or doors of the garage or other containers. If it is full of updated features and necessary functions, it becomes more than fulfilling the security gap. With the best locking features and smooth handling, your truck’s safety can be set on these locks. 

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There are loads of locks for outdoor and indoor use. It is very tough to find the correct one for a moving truck. It can be easy if you check the shortlist of the top-quality locks here. You will find the desired product for your truck. Let’s check them deeply. 

Best Lock for Moving Truck

There are many updates and innovative features added to locks for outdoor and indoor use in this modern time. If you get a chance to check the unique features of the top-notch locks, you will have the confidence to find the correct lock for your truck. So, get to see the premium features of the best locks.

1. Master Lock Magnum Steel Padlock

Master Lock M530XQLH Magnum Solid Steel Keyed...
  • Indoor and outdoor padlock, MAX security lock with Tough-Cut octagonal boron-carbide...
  • Lock is constructed with solid steel for increased strength and security, protective...
  • Four pin cylinder and dual ball bearing locking mechanism provides MAX pick and pry...
  • 1-3/4 inches wide lock body, 9/32 inches diameter shackle with 2 inches length, 13/16...

To keep your car safe from the theft chance, you have to keep it locked properly. The master lock comes with a magnum padlock to take responsibility for the safety of your truck. this padlock is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. You can use it from inside or outside of the truck. It provides enormous applications for purposes.

The design of this is easy to operate and supports every type of handling from different angles. For the strong security maintenance power, this padlock is the best padlock for moving trucks.

The primary purpose of the lock is safety. So, you have to be sure of the quality of the lock so that the truck is in a good hand. This padlock for Uhaul trucks ensures this safety by the maximum securing design made at tricky cutting in an octagonal pattern.

The boron carbide-made shackle allows the octagonal design to give the ultimate protection. This lock is also helpful for any type of gates, sheds, or storage. You will find it helpful and it will reduce all your tension.

When you are using the lock roughly, it is common to have some scratches on the locks. If it keeps happening day by day, it will be damaged. But this Master lock has a bumper layer to protect the lock from scratch to increase the durability.

To give premium strength to the lock, it is made of complicated and secured steel. But the octagonal cutting of the lock feature is made of boron carbide, which is responsible for the easy use and soft touch. To make it like this, it is 50% hard than the more complex steel.

This lock uses a four-pin cylinder and the dual ball-bearing mechanism that locks the door or other things in a superior style to secure the truck. This mechanism is a specialized and updated technique to reduce the theft act. This mechanism is also responsible for the maximum quantity of picks and pries resistance.

The size, diameter, and length of this lock are perfect to use in trucks. With the security, the design is an update, and the use is comfortable. With a great versatility of use, have this lock and get the security. 


  • Octagonal cutting f the lock to ensure the security
  • Scratch-resistant bumper
  • Four pin cylinder system
  • Flexible use for the smooth finish


  • Rust creation is common

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2. Master Lock Bronze or Silver Padlock

Master Lock 140DLH Padlock, 1 Pack, Bronze/Silver
  • PADLOCK APPLICATION: For indoor and outdoor use; Padlock is best used for backpacks,...
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Padlock features a durable solid brass body to resist corrosion and a...
  • SECURITY: 4-pin cylinder and dual locking lever mechanism provides pick and pry...
  • SPECIFICATIONS: 1-9/16 in. wide lock body; 1/4 in. diameter shackle with 2 in....

When you are using the lock for your truck, it should be easy to use. Master lock brings a padlock that is super easy to use and smooth to handle. Just push softly and get it done. The security is ensured at best. You do not have to worry anymore. The four-pin cylinder construction ensures a rigid locking system that reduces the chance of theft.

It also uses the dual locking mechanism, which cuts the chance of pick and pries possibility. So, the safety of the truck is ensured in every way.

This padlock is helpful for both indoor and outdoor applications. It provides the options for using it rough and tough. The body of the locking structure is made of solid brass that gives it extra longevity. It can hold up in complex weather conditions too.

Yes, it has weather resistance power to stay vital for a more extended period. For the increased durability, the solid brass structure has the power to resist corrosion. The steel-made body of the shackle can resist the cutting possibility. The shackle is hardened steel to serve you nicely.

This is another best lock for Uhaul to assure premium locking service. For safe and easy use, you can have this lock without any worry. The 2 inches ide shackle gives the option to use it in a soft and smooth use. Even after years, it does not get stuck or rugged and stay the same smooth.

The structure and the design of this lock are perfect for smooth and easy use. It has a wide length, comprehensive body, standard shackle diameter. The extended shackle length helps in a flexible application.

There are two types color of the lock available in the market- bronze, and silver. Each color is attractive and pleasant. The finish is smooth that it won’t hurt your hand. Sometimes, when you lock your truck, it can change the look of the decorated truck. this lock is smart-looking.

You can use it, and it will add a decorative style to your truck. If your truck is already decorated, the lock will increase the beauty. So, you should grab it and keep your truck safe for long with trends.


  • A wide variety of applications
  • Flexible size and diameter
  • Dual locking mechanism to make it pry resistance
  • Solid brass shackle and steel made strong body structure


  • Not environment friendly

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3. Crystal Vision Heavy-duty Alarm Lock

With an upgraded style, crystal vision brings a heavy-duty alarm lock. So when you go a little far from the truck, you can be sure that it is safe. No thief can touch your truck. It will alarm at high sounds. Yes, the alarm of this lock can make a sound at 130 DB.

You can hear it alarming from a far distance. Alarm settings are also accessible. You just have to turn the lock clockwise and anti-clockwise to activate or deactivate it. It takes only 5 seconds to activate the siren lock. 

In terms of protection from the weather effects, it is absolutely of premium quality material made. It seals the surface and keeps it water-resistant. When you use it outdoor, it does not get rust formation by avoiding the reaction to water touch. Besides, for the corrosion-proof advantage, it has a rubber bumper, and it resists the touch of doors or surfaces near it.

The shackle of this lock is 10 mm in diameter, and you can use it smoothly. You will not make rough sounds when you are locking or unlocking.

The design and structure make it so smooth that it has a wide variety of applications. You can use it in the garage door, warehouse, toolbox, or truck. It works fantastic. The hardened shackle and steel body keeps it solid and unbreakable.

Thieves do not think about breaking it when they see the strength and power of this lock. This Uhaul truck lock has the superior quality to be intact for years. You do not have to think of buying another lock for several years. It will keep your truck secured.

This lock comes with instructions or a manual that shows you every detail to maximize its use. Since it is an updated design, it is necessary to know the features to use it at the optimum level. The alarming option provides the flexibility to work keeping the truck secure.

You will have more confidence when you lock your truck using this lock. Having this lock reduces all your tension even when your truck is carrying valuable things inside.


  • Beeping alarm at high sound
  • Hard steel made structure
  • Wide shackle for easy use
  • Durable and high quality


  • Heavy to handle

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4. DAYGOS Discus Disc Storage Lock

Discus Keyed Padlock Disc Storage Locks with...
  • 【High Security Lock】 Special fully shielded design minimizes shackle exposure and...
  • 【Widely Use】 Perfect Padlocks for outdoor use,Pods, storage units,storage...
  • 【Heavy Duty and Waterproof】 Lock with stainless steel construction and hardened...
  • 【Specifications】 2-3/4 inch wide lock body, 3/8 inch diameter shackle.

If you need a possible locking service, you can have the DAYGOS is designed to lock. It keeps your truck safe and secured with its premium structure. This lock is wholly shielded to stop the shackle exposure. It not only locks the truck but also it is a pry-resistant device.

It protects from any type of theft try. It prevents the cutter attacks too. The solid and firm body structure is premium in quality and superior in angle settings. This lock also has the option to resist the bolt cutter attacks.

This high-security lock is designed in a way that ensures safety at first. When you start to use it, you do not even feel any worry about your truck. If you are driving the loaded truck and your truck is holding valuable things inside it, you do not have anything to worry.

This moving truck lock keeps them safe and secured. The hardened steel deadbolt is there to stop the cutter from going ahead. This type of structure does not have any room or leverages so that cutters get enough place to cut it down. 

For providing durable service, this lock is rust-resistant and corrosion-proof.  When a manganese-made product is not so durable as it does not have the power to prevent rust creation, this lock is made of a combination of chromium and nickel.

This combination makes it super strong and gives a lustrous look outside. In addition, this nice finish helps in the prevention of rust formation. So, you can have it in a tremendous tension-free mood for a more extended period.

The fully shrouded disc padlock and the circle design of this lock make it more memorable in securing function. The locking cylinder is a brass-made structure and makes it smooth to unlock using the key. The body is made of steel, where the shackle is made of hardened steel that keeps it locked inside the body entirely and fine.

This structure is full proof designed to provide a premium service. The size, diameter of the shackle when locked and unlocked, etc., are supportive to ensure easy and comfortable use. 

With these helpful and securing features, this lock is a great choice to keep your truck locked. 


  • The easy and secured unlocking system
  • Hardened steel made shackle
  • Circle design and deadbolt
  • Water-proof and corrosion-proof


  • Less room to lock the fat handle of the door.

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5. ABUS Granit Alloy Steel Padlock

ABUS 37/80 Granit Alloy Steel Rekeyable Padlock,...
  • High Security Steel Padlock: Made from hardened alloy steel, this rekeyable padlock...
  • Hardened Steel Protection: Our Black Granit anti-corrosion coating makes this lock...
  • Padlocks for Any Application: Discover the variety of our padlocks, from OSHA...
  • The World's Leading Security Manufacturer: We offer a comprehensive line of home,...

With a comprehensive and sophisticated design and construction system, ABUS Granit brings a strong lock. It follows the latest technique to provide the best securing service. The build material is Granit steel that makes it superior quality. The smooth finish and hardened body make it durable for a more extended period and effectively secure the door. This rekeyable lock features the highest protection against every type of theft or attack. 

This is another best lock for Uhaul trucks to meet the demand at the time. If you are carrying some valuable elements in your truck, you must be worried about it. All your worries will vanish when you have this lock to protect your truck. this lock is not only for the trucks but also perfect to use the lock any door, gate, container, and more. It increases its application to a variety of levels. 

If you want to use this for the outside locking need, it is ready to work. It is weatherproof to tackle every situation of the environment. The water-proof nature keeps it safe even it is raining outside. This lock has a premium finish on its surface with a rust-proof coating.

It resists it to make rust over it in every weather situation. There is anti-drill plating on the outer surface of the lock to make it more protected. It makes it unbreakable, uncut-able, and undamageable. 

The lustrous black surface is intelligent and attractive. It makes the locking feature a style. When you attract to use it, you begin to love it. The anti-corrosion feature makes it strong enough to hold up in a rough situation. When a thief comes and attacks the lock, he will fail for sure. The incredible feature of this lock is that it has tensile resistance. No attackers can have the power to break it or damage it. The system of this lock is like there is no chance to make a duplicate key without any authorization. 

This lock comes with two keys where. One key has an LED light that makes it easy to use at night. If you want the best safety, get this lock and keep your truck protected.


  • High-security steel made padlock
  • Heavy-duty padlock
  • Anti-corrosion coating
  • Tensile resistance
  • Rust-proof and water-proof


  • Heavier, not portable

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Moving Truck Lock: How to Choose One

When you move to ride your truck, the back part of it should be locked properly. However, if you want to provide it with better security, you must find a lock full of extraordinary features. 

If you know the essential features of a lock that increases the safety status, you will make the best use of it. The protection of your moving truck is a must-needed requirement. To fulfill this demand, the lock must have the necessary functions. So, check the elements and then buy one for you.


The shroud of the lock is the first target of thieves. They try to break it through. That is why it should be strong enough. Most of the shroud is made of an excellent alloy to make it strong. The shaping, angle, and strength determine its power. When thieves try, they will understand that it is almost not possible 


Cutting the shackle is a standard system to break through the lock. If the shackle is strong enough not to be cut or break, it can prevent stealing. Unfortunately, most of the best brands manufacture locks with solid steel that is hard to cut using a bolt cutter. If thieves fail to cut the lock with a bolt cutter, they have to use the grinder, which makes high sounds, and it is only just foolishness. 


The weight of the lock is a significant part when it is about portability. To make the lock extra strong and prevent the breaking of it, many manufacturers make heavier locks. However, if you can find the ultra-designed lock that provides better security, lightweight, and increased portability, you can avoid heavy locks.

Additional Updated Features

Some additional features increase the securing power of the lock. For example, if the lock has a false gate to deceive the thieves, deadbolts, or anti-drill shields to prevent the lock drilling, thieves will not get any chance to unlock the lock. You should check these features.

So, before purchasing a lock, you should check it properly and get the best product.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you can clear all your confusion regarding the locks, you will get the option to maximize usage. All you have to look for the answers to the most-asked questions carefully. Let’s see them and learn from them.

1. What can resist the pick of the locks? 

Ans: In the Bowley lock, the design is that the extraordinary shape acts as a shield over the locking pins that prevent lock picks. Without the specialized designed key with the right angle can open these locks. So, these locks design types can prevent lock picks.

2. What type of locks is more pick-proof?

Ans: The most pick-proof locks are keyless locks. There are some keyless digital locks too that can be opened through the fingerprint or code. Since they do not need any key to open it, they are safer.

3. What is the false gate of the lock?

Ans: In some, locks, there are small grove or cut that seems lick lock cut. But they are not actually for opening the lock. They are for deceiving thieves. This structure is known as the false gate.

4. Is it easy to steal a Uhaul truck?

Ans: Generally, thieves target the Uhaul trucks that are parked at the side of the street. They steal the entire truck, not only the things inside it. That is why it is easier to steal it. So, you have to be sure of the protection of the entire truck, not only for the back part.

5. What feature of the lock can provide the best security?

Ans: Deadbolts of the lock can provide the best security. It is because it is hard to unlock it. It needs a specialized designed rotation to change the locking pin’s position to unlock it. 

6. Is the smart lock safe enough?

Ans: Hacking smart locks are easy for the hacker, and it is a common type of theft. They are also vulnerable as they are easy to remove the flathead screwdrivers. However, if the same style deadbolts are included like the traditional locks, you may expect more security.

Final Words

When it is about the security of your moving truck, it is an important fact as you may be carrying your things inside the truck. which can make the security sure. First, of course, a lock. If you use premium quality and well-locking designed lock, thieves cannot open it even if they steal the entire truck. What will they do then? 

The best lock for moving trucks is enough to keep the truck at the best security. Today’s innovative designs and locking mechanisms can promise better safety. So, finding the right lock can be the ultimate solution to moving truck safety. Be careful and get the proper lock for your truck from this page. 


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