10 Best Light Bar for Truck 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Do you want to go for off-roading travel or driving in the middle of a forest? Then, lightbars are a fantastic addition to adventure journeys. The light bars for trucks provide extra benefits than the traditional lights. First, it increases the brightness of the view of your front road. Second, it ensures the safety of your rough travel or hiking or trekking enjoyment.

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The light bars come with various benefits and features. If you can pick the best light bar for truck, you will get all the options. To do your job easier, we have researched deeply and found the customers’ recommended light bars and present them here. Check all of them and find a light bar to meet your demand.

Best Light Bars for Trucks

It is about the safety assurance of your different travels. So, you have to choose the perfect light bars. Besides, it should be suitable ins size and shape for your trucks. So, finding the right light bar for a truck is a crucial matter. So, reduce your hassle by using this list of light bars, get one, and enjoy a safe journey.

1. Nilight 6000 5C-A Off-road LED Light Bar for Trucks


Nilight - 60005C-A 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo...
  • Bright ray for clear visibility: The appropriate mix and match of spot beams and...
  • Better heat dissipation: High-quality heat conduction silicone gel together with...
  • High protection performance: IP67 Waterproof Rate, 100% dustproof and waterproof up...
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: With adjustable mounting bracket, the work light can...

When you are riding your car at night, it is a fantastic experience. In this enjoyment, there should not be any hindrance in the way. All your night or dark driving worries will disappear when you have the nilight LED light bar in front of the car or truck. You can see the road towards a long distance through the light power of this bar. It is not only for the driver but also for the other riders. They can enjoy the front view nicely. 

You may plan to travel for a more extended period at night. It is an ordinary matter to get hot for the light bars. Nilight light bars have heat dissipation technology to cool the light. It has been constructed with the heat conduction silicone on the aluminum alloy housing responsible for cooling down the heat after riding a long time. The build material is enormously durable, and you do not think of buying another one for several years.

The protective cover keeps it intact and does not get it to damage quickly. The mounting brackets are built with rust-proof and waterproof stainless steel.  

The great matter of this light bar is that the mounting bracket can move freely to an angle that allows seeing all the views around. You can move it up to 45 degrees that let you change the direction of the light easily. It increases the wideness of the light vision.


  • Brighter ray to view
  • High protective brackets and structure
  • Easily adjustable mounting brackets
  • Wide application to both indoor and outdoor
  • Universal fit


  • Draw high power 

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2. Nilight Spot Led light Pods 


Nilight - ZH002 20Inch 126W Spot Flood Combo Led...
  • Super bright beam: High intensity 3W LED chips and clear PC lens, super bright white...
  • Combo beam, clear view: 126w-appropriate combination of spot beam and flood beam for...
  • Adjustable mounting bracket: The light bar can be adjusted to about 45 degrees, which...
  • Superior quality wires: Good electrical conductivity, high temperature and melting...

Ensure safety on the way to your enjoyable travel trip. Nilight spotlight pod is one of the best LED bars for trucks. It produces a super bright beam with high-intensity chips and a fresh PC lens. It reduces all the darkness around your truck, not only the front. It creates a perfect combination of spot beam and flood beam that increases the spread of the light. That is why it enlightens all around the truck. It goes to longer distances and wider spread.

The mounting bracket is easy to adjust by moving it smoothly. You can turn it up to 45 degrees angle and so you can see all around the front side of the truck. Operating smoothly, you will eradicate all the risks and view the road. The bending ability of this light bar increases your confidence. For providing the best safety, its electric conductivity power is smooth and robust. Its perfection reduces it to spread in more or less quantity. It keeps a stable balance of electric conduction.

It is made of a high-temperature resistant material for longevity, and you can be sure of its long-term use without any tension. This light pod comes with a combo light bar, one wiring harness, and a mounting bracket. 


  • Strong build material made
  • Safe electric conduction
  • The clean and light solid beam
  • Combination of spot and flood beam


  • Wires are short

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3. Zmoon Single Row Slim LED Light Bar


Zmoon Led Light Bar 14in Signal Row Light Bar 80W...
  • 【Spot&Flood Combo Beam】Zmoon led 14in signal row light bars with premium LED...
  • 【Effective Heat Dissipation】The 0.06 inch fan enhances heat dissipation and the...
  • 【Durable Die-cast Aluminum Alloy Shell】This IP67 waterproof slim light bar with...
  • 【Wide Application】 Zmoon 14in work light bar coming with two adjustable...

Zmoon comes with a 4-inch single light row with premium construction. You will get to see at 8000 lumens 6500k beam. This white beam allows us to see everything clearly that comes in front of the truck. But, of course, you can see the things at the sides of the truck too. Both the spot beam and flood beam work together. It works at 30 degrees spotlighting effects and seamlessly with 170 degrees floodlighting. So, the extra brightness for spotlighting and more expansive lighting for floodlighting is available.

For effective heat dissipation, it has 0.06-inch fans. Yes, there are two fans at a 0.26-inch distance to keep the light fantastic and calm perfectly. No heat can melt the light and its component to any extent. That is why it is a durable and long-lasting light bar. You can use it for fifty thousand hours without any worry about it. This light bar is built of waterproof slim construction design with adjustable brackets. The housing for the light is made of 6063 aviation aluminum which has an anti-oxidant treated surface. It resists the rust-production.

This LED bar is one of the best LED light bars for trucks which is shock-proof and dustproof. The dust cannot make it blur a little. Even if it gets any shaking or shocking effects by stormy weather or hard things, it will stay strong. That makes it unique.


  • Premium quality fresh white light beams
  • Combination of spotlight and floodlight at correct angles
  • Two fans for the heat dissipation
  • To adjustable brackets for increasing mobility at different angles


  • Hard to match the wiring hardness

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4. Linkitom Strobe Light Bar for Truck


Linkitom LED Strobe Flashing Light Bar -Double...
  • Super Bright: 30 Hi-intensity LED chips with high visibility in daylight, midnight,...
  • Easy Installation: comes with 4 Heavy Duty strong magnets (Test go up to 80mph but...
  • Flash Patterns: 7 different flash patterns with a independent switch to cycle through...
  • Panel Dimensisons: 14.5" (W) x 6.5" (D) x 3" (H) / Cable length: 16 FT straight cable...

Are you ready for off-roading at night? It is a great adventure. Isn’t it? There are risks too. All your worries will be cut off if you have a Linkitom strobe light. This light bar will allow the best vision towards your way in all the seasons and weather conditions. It works with 30 high intensify LED chips to create excellent visibility at midnight, raining time, foggy days, snowing time, and even at daylight if you need. You can ensure safety from the occurrence of any accidents by using these light bars.

Installing light bars into the truck is a tough job. This strobe light is easy to install by the magnet powers. It uses four powerful and heavy-duty magnets. After attaching it to the metal exterior of the truck, it is all set. The most attractive matter for this light bar is that it provides seven different flashing patterns. It allows you to use these flashing lights in different applications for getting the best safety on the road. The light can memorize the last flashing pattern and show when you allow it.

Using this light bar is easy to operate with the help of an on and of option, controlling switch, and plug and play option. Besides, it has long durability, and you can use it constantly for 50,000 hours. 


  • Hi-intensity LED chips
  • Seven flashing patterns
  • Easy to install by the magnets
  • Easy to use by the independent switching options


  • It needs metal to attach it, cannot be installed on the truck body

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5. Rigidhorse Off-road Truck Light Bar


Rigidhorse 32 Inch LED Light Bar Single Row Flood...
  • 【Small Size With High Brightness】8D reflective cup lens, provide more...
  • 【Durable Aluminum Alloy】Black-painted aluminum housing and toughened optic lens,...
  • 【IP67 Waterproof rate】 Great performance of waterproof, up to 3.3 feet of water...
  • 【Applications】 Universal Mounting Brackets are included, easy set up to any...

To ensure the best traveling experience, Rigidhorse comes with a powerful and bright white light bar. So you go off-road or on-road or rough weather, Rigidhorse will show you your way nice and smooth. The broader view will keep you safe and sound all the way. Rigidhorse light produces a bright but soft beam. It uses 8D reflective cup lens to build solid and concentrated lights. It makes the view to a long distance. 

Within the better view, the construction is also potent. The black-painted aluminum structure is perfectly framed with a solid optic lens that is shatter-proof. This frame can stay hold in the harsh weather too. The mounting brackets are adjustable with excellent flexibility, and it increases the smoothness while using and operating. These brackets are made of stainless steel to make them stronger and to keep the light protected inside. This strong frame and light stay intact for long that can work for 50,000 hours. 

The premium quality of the light can produce comprehensive quality light transmission that is powerful than a PMMA lens. Moreover, it eliminates the chance of optical loss. Moreover, the total construction is dustproof, waterproof, and anti-corrosion material made that confirms the smooth vision all the time.


  • Long life with a strong frame 
  • Superior quality light beams
  • Waterproof and shock-proof
  • Anti-corrosion metal made frame


  • Expensive

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6. SMALLFATW Universal Vehicle Strobe Light Bar


SMALLFATW Emergency Strobe Light Bar 32” 28 LED...
  • 13 FLASHING MODES WITH MEMORY RECALL FUNCTION--13 Different flashing designed inside,...
  • 28 LED BUILT INSIDE--Providing high intensity strobe light for you, makes you being...
  • ADJUSTABLE BRACKET AND SUCTION CUPS--Design to be with 2 adjustable bracket and 6...
  • ALUMINIUM HOUSING--Not only waterproof, also making the strobe light bar wear...

With a bright lighting solution, SMALLFATW brings an excellent strobe light bar. The brighter focus at the front of the truck will lead you a smooth way. You can reduce the chance of accidents using this light bar. With the flashing mode of the light bar, you can bring a fantastic party image when riding. The most important use of the flashing of the light is to use them to indicate different types of moving modes. This light bar will allow you to use 13 flashing patterns in lighting. 

Your truck will memorize this flashing pattern and recall the last pattern you use. When you start or switch on the flashing option, it will show the last pattern. It is easy to use only by pressing the button. The most necessary part of this light bar is that you can see long further of your truck, and you can be safe even if you are riding off-road, in a forest, or dark area. This light bar uses 28 LEDs inside to provide efficient white lighting production.

In terms of installation, you can be sure of ease. It is designed with easily adjustable brackets and suctions cups to support the better vision to a different area. It is simple to install inside or outside of the truck. This provides flexibility while using it.


  • 28 potent built-in LED for a brighter lighting solution
  • 13 flashing option through switching
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Waterproof and corrosion-proof light bar


  • You must use DC 12V power source. Otherwise, it may be damaged

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7. NICOKO Curved Solid Color LED Light Bar


Nicoko 52inch 300w Curved Led Light Bar with...
  • New Upgraded! 52 Inch 300w curved Led light bar with Amazing Chasing RGB Halo Strip!...
  • All of our RGB Light bar and light pods can be synced automatically once hook them up...
  • Multi-color LED Light Bar Application - IP67 Waterproof Rating with dustproof and...
  • All our RGB color changing Led light bars are assembled with high quality 5050 RGB...

Do you know what is the best light bar for a truck?  The ultimate solution is here. Since you should go with the trend, you should also get the fantastic service of these new trends. NICOKO comes with an upgraded light bar with innovative features to give the fun and safety at most. It is a 52 inch long and 300w curved light bar with the most attractive chasing RGB halo strip. In addition, you will have ten solid colors in the lightning option. The bright white color is present with a different controlling option.

The most impressive function is the remote controlling system. You can switch to set any RGB colors while lightning. You can set 16 million colors in the LED bar through the ten solid RGB colors. It provides to make some music too. With the remote, you can select jump, flash, or fade mode. It allows controlling the power use of the light too. The casing is absolutely waterproof and dustproof for diminishing the chance f fading the color. You will get bright illumination to a further distance. 

This light bar comes with 3W premium Arc-LEDs and deep reflector cups to make it easy to set and operate. You can use the Bluetooth function in your smartphone too. This wireless light bar for truck is impressive for its longevity and utility.


  • A great variety of application
  • Multi-color LED light bar
  • Combined spot beam and flood beam
  • Heat dissipation option


  • Wires are short

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8. LE-JX Amber Light Bar for Truck


LE-JX Amber/White Wireless Battery Traffic Advisor...
  • Cordless Lithium Power – The wireless warning light bar has a built-in 4000 mAh...
  • Easy Use - 2 Different patterns of strobing/flashing with just a press of a...
  • IP66 Waterproof Shell and Universal - The Emergency Light Bar is weather proof, it...
  • 12 High Intensity Leds - Brighter and more effective than standard Led Strobe Lights,...

If you are concerned about buying a strong light bar, go for this LE-JX amber light bar. For a rough and arduous journey, it is the perfect solution. It adds a precise and more expansive eye to your truck. So, your driving will be safe for sure.

To make it bright and lustrous, it works with 12 high-intensity LEDs. So, it can produce higher quality, cleaner lightning than any standard strobe light bar. This light bar is not only for night vision or dark sight; you can use this light bar for a clearer vision in the daytime too. 

The most important fact about this light bar is that it is weatherproof. There is a weatherproofing shell around the light to protect it from harsh and rough weather. So, you will get an excellent vision of your other road with the clear lightning. However, you can install it easily too. It has six magnets that powerfully keep it attached to the truck to make it a more robust attachment. So you have nothing to do other than attaching its magnet to the metal surface. 

The whole battery life of 4000 mAH built-in lithium battery keeps it on for a wide runtime from 4 to 20 hours. That is a vital light service for your assured safety on the road. With two different strobing options, you will like to handle it for simple processing. 


  • Cordless battery functioned
  • Long runtime
  • Weather-resistant body structure
  • 12 high-intensity LED chips


  • The charging port is not strong enough

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9. AUTOSAVER88 Triple Row Curved LED Light Bar


AUTOSAVER88 42" Curved LED Light Bar Triple Row,...
  • Higher Brightness - Tri-row LED optic system, project light to extreme distance...
  • Combo Beam Light Bar -Combination of spot beam and flood beam, provides the perfect...
  • 50,000 hrs life span - Full die-cast aluminum profile,wear & corrosion resistant...
  • Wide application - Great off road lights, boating lights, adventure lights, fog...

If you want to see a long distance from your truck’s front, AUTOSAVER88 is there to assist you. It is a triple row light bar that can produce highly bright light far away. It is fantastic to view as you will get the chance to see longer you can think. For this brightness, it is wider too. You will get to see all around your vehicle.

This light is designed to create a combination of spot beam and flood beam for a better view. This is not messy for this more comprehensive lighting. There is a good balance between the lightning distance and coverage area. 

If you go for off-roading or highway riding, you are absolutely safe when you have this light bar. It has high durability for the robust structure made design with a complete die-cast aluminum profile. Moreover, it makes it corrosion and wear-resistant. It can stand firm in harsh weather conditions and also sing the heat sincerely. For these advantages, this light is perfect for boating, adventure journeys, foggy weather, fishing time, camping time, and driving on any type of road. 

The waterproof and dust-resistant feature increases its visibility and longevity. However, it does get blur, and the brightness cannot reduce. Thus, it ensures your safety in every situation.


  • Tri-row LED optical lighting system
  • A combination of the spotlight and floodlight
  • High runtime with enormous longevity
  • Waterproof, weatherproof, and dustproof


  • Spot beam and flood beam cannot be used separately

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10. Auxbeam Color Changing Off-Road Light Bar


Auxbeam 52" 300W LED Light Bar 5D RGB Light Bar...
  • 52 inch 300W RGB LED light bar 100pcs*3W intense LED for work light and 100pcs RGB...
  • World famous chips, evolutional 5D optic tech (Dual reflector cup + projector lens),...
  • Working Voltage: DC 10~30V (fits 12V/24V vehicle); Working Temperature: -40~85 degree...

It is fantastic to work with Auxbeam Off-road light bar. It works with the power of 100 pieces of 3W intense LED chips. So, the better vision and clearer sight are sure you get. The most notable part of this light bar is that you can operate it through a Bluetooth connection with your smartphone. So, the controller is in your hand wherever you stay. You can have RGB color effects on the light bar controlling it from the Android, or IOS, or another device if you need. This RGB color effect syncs smoothly with the Bluetooth connection.

This updated version of the light bar allows making an excellent color combination in the bar. You can use all the color possibilities from the RGB solid colors and customize it in your way. The light also comes with rhythmic music. It increases the enjoyment of your journey. It has evolutional 5D optical technology designed with dual reflector cups and a projector lens to ensure the best lighting service. It increases its brightness when the weather is foggy or dark. 

To stay strong, the light bar’s construction and casing are waterproof, dustproof, and weatherproof. In addition, it is amazingly fresh and clean when producing high-quality lights. So, it stays with your truck for a more extended period than others. 


  • 5D optic tech chips
  • RGB LED lights
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Strong structure


  • Expensive

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How to Choose Light Bar for Truck:

Lightbars are available in the market in different sizes, shapes, and styles. When you buy a light bar, you must make sure that it matches the size, shape, and other facts correctly. You also should check about all the features of your light bar. So, check their detail closely.


Though some light bars come in smaller sizes but provide brighter lights, you should go for a larger light bar. First, you must make a budget and then choose an ample light for your truck. The larger the light bar, the more the lights. More lights create wider illumination of lightning. 

Number of Rows

The brightness and lightning power increase with the number of rows. The more rows, the more lights. But double rows are expensive comparing to single rows. So, you should have the affordability to buy a double-row light bar. There are triple row light bars too. Some trucks cannot accommodate attaching double-row lights. So, you should check the ability o the truck too.


Straight or curved light bars, what to choose? It is not a big deal. When you choose a curved shape light bar, you should check if it is suitable to attach to the truck. to mount it, you have to have a curved surface in your truck. The left depends on your choice.

Beam Patterns

There are light bars with spot beam or flood beam or a combination of both. Flood beams increase the width of the view, and the spot beam increases the front views. So when they are combined, you will have a chance for better vision at all angles.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about your trucks’ light bars, you can have your answers here. Check these most asked questions and their answers.

#1. What is the suitable light bar wattage?

Ans: If the product has lower wattages, you will have lesser lumens. With less quantity of lumens, the brightness of the light bars becomes low. A standard light bar should have a minimum of 120 watts to provide excellent brightness. Most of the high-quality light bars have 240 to 300 watts.

#2. Why are the curved light bars more preferable?

Ans: The curved lights are appreciable for their shape and fittings. It matches most of the parts of the trucks or other vehicles. For example, you can attach it to the bumper as the curve matches the bumper curve. It also allows to mount it on the top of the truck as the windshield is also curved.

#3. Can a light bar work as a fog light?

Ans: Though many light bars provide a flood beam and spot beam combination, some models provide fog beams. 

#4. What are the advantages of light bars? 

Ans: Lightbars offers more coverage of lightning on the road. There are many light bars available in the market, and they differ in sizer and shape to match your vehicle. It also draws less power and provides long-term service by efficient use of energy. With a long runtime, it provides more longevity and effective use of energy.

#5. How do the light bars get brighter?

Ans: Led light bars use resistors for brightness control. With the variable resistors, you can have the benefit of controlling the brightness of the light bars. So, all you have to do is that change the resistors. When you have the fixed resistors in the truck, you have to change them and attach the variable resistors. It allows you to control it using the knob.

#6. How much hot does a LED light bar get?

Ans: Getting hot is an ordinary matter for a light bar. Generally, it gets hot up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit. When it gets hot, the heat dissipation system cools it down. A regular airflow keeps the LED light bars cool.

Final Words

For a zigzag road or adventure ride, you need safety and a clear vision to go ahead. A light bar can offer the most pleasant view through brighter lighting. You may find many light bars for your truck, but it is challenging to be sure that it is correct for you. With a great variety of features, sizes, and designs, light bars are different in many ways. Some are for trucks, some for cars, and some for jeeps. 

The best light bar for truck is perfect in size, shape, design, and wideness of views. Check the list of the top-quality light bars on this page and get the best-suited one for your truck.


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