10 Best Jack for Lifted Trucks 2021

Trucks or SUVs, or minivans are more popular nowadays than traditional vehicles. When people go on adventure tours, or summer trips, or camping, you will feel like in need of a truck than a car as you have to carry many things. When you are on a long trip, you may need to change the tires or other parts. So, you will need a lift jack. For a long rive carrying a lift, Jack is a must. 

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Besides, you also need the lift jack for some mechanical works of your truck. When the lift jack is correct and a complete solution to everything, you will do many jobs using this. The best jack for lifted trucks is easy to use, has a flexible operation, lifts trucks to an expected height, and is strong enough to provide you the demand. Finding the right jack is easy now as you can see the best truck lifting jacks here; check them all.

Best Jack for Lifted Truck Reviews

With so many options, it doesn’t seem very easy to find the right ack matching the need of your truck. Here, on this page, all the top-rated jacks are included to fulfill your need. As they are full-packed with exciting and attractive features, they are worth your checking.

1. Hi-Lift Black Cast Jack

Hi-Lift Jack HL484 48" Hi-Lift Black Cast and...
  • The Hi-Lift 48 inch cast and steel jack is constructed with a mix of cast components...
  • Top winch connector clamp and powder coated finish with zinc-plated hardware standard...
  • Two piece handle and socket is durable and reliable; Operation type : Mechanical
  • Safe use information stickers, including rated load details and operating...

With premium-quality, Hi-lift Jack offers the best service to lift your heavy truck. If the ack is not strong enough, it cannot lift your truck high enough. This jack is 48 inches long, and you can lift your truck to replace the tires or from the stuck condition. Yes, when your truck tire gets stuck to hard, sticky mud, or any aperture on the road, you can use this ack to lift and free your truck tires. It is easy to use and flexible to operate. 

With high strength, this jack is perfect for a heavier truck even when you are carrying loads. In terms of durability, it is superior. The high-quality cast iron and steel-made structure are strong enough to take loads and provide service for long. The cast iron is mixed with several types of components that make it more robust and durable. In addition, there is a powder coating all over the finish, which is responsible for preventing wear and tear. 

The capacity limit of this jack is about 7000 pounds. To prevent the harmful effects of extra loads on the jack, it has a shear bolt that resists it to take more loads. You will find your demand between this loading capacity if you are not taking goods or taking a small number of goods. For smooth operation, there are information stickers to guide you. So, grab this ack and keep it for your use whenever you go for your ride.


  • Standard length to lift truck
  • Premium quality handle, socket, and structure
  • Information stickers included
  • Zinc-plated hardware for the best finish


  • Reverse lock setting is not good

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2. Arcan 3-ton Dual Pump Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack with...
  • Lightweight Aircraft-Grade Aluminum: Allows For Easy Maneuverability
  • Dual Pump Pistons: Quickly Raises The Floor Jack Saddle To Load
  • Reinforced Lift Arm: Increases Strength, Chassis Torsion Control, And Durability
  • Country Of Origin : China

When you ride a long way or even in a short distance, it is possible to fall for a truck lifting jack. So, you have to carry the jack every time you go for a ride. When the jack is light in weight, it becomes easy to carry to any place you go. Arcan brings the lightweight floor ack that is made of aluminum. As it is aluminum made, you do not have to worry about the quality and ability.

It has dual pump pistons to raise the saddle to the load. After raising the pistons, you can lift the load smoothly. To make this structure strong, the arms are constructed by the reinforced material. It increases the controlling power for the chassis torsion. With the enhanced durability, this jack cares much about your truck. the lifting saddle is of rubber, and the handle is of foam which ensures soft handling of the truck. Your truck falls at the right hand. You can think sure of that. 

Besides all these functions, this ack is designed for maximum application with great ease. You will get a convenient handling option to positioning the jacks with the side mounting handle. As you have to carry it to different locations with your truck, this jack has two handles to keep it protected and safe from vehicle shaking. All these features support being comfortable to use.


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Dual pump pistons for safe lifting
  • Reinforced arm structure for the better performance
  • For safe handling, rubber made saddle and foam handle bumper


  • Space-consuming for storage

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3. Big Red Torin Hydraulic Bottle Jack

BIG RED T91203B Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle...
  • Hydraulic bottle jack designed for residential and commercial use; Serrated, heat...
  • Features a lifting range of 9-1/8" to 18-1/4" with a 12 ton (24,000 lb) capacity;...
  • Engineered using a drop forged alloyed steel construction for quality and durability;...
  • Glide-action pressure pump is designed to lift with minimal effort; Integrated...

At an affordable price range, big Red comes with a tall bottle jack for lifted truck. This hydraulic bottle jack is designed for a better experience. When you have to use it, it is ready to use right away. The saddle is absolutely heat-treated, and even if the tires are hot for the long drive, you can use this jack without any tension. That is why you can use this jack for your residential use and also for commercial use. This jack is flexible to handle and operate. 

This jack is tall enough to lift every type of truck. You can lift the truck in a range from 9.25 inches to 18.25 inches. When your truck’s tire gets punctured, you can change it smoothly using this jack. It also has a great capacity. You can lift to 12 tons or 24,000 pounds weight. It allows you to hold a high load for long and do your job smoothly as this jack is stronger to lift and hold loads.

The versatility of this jack’s application is enormous. The adjustable screws to an extension are the reason for this extra versatility. As a result, it increases its popularity in the market. For better performance, this jack uses a glide-action pressure pump. As a result, it reduces the low effort to lift the truck. In addition, the built-in oil bypass and the overload valve are set in the jack to increase the longevity by limiting the weight loading power to the extent that it has the ability. 

So, you do not have to be tensed that you may break the jack while handling it. It has that capacity to serve you, keeping its management correct on its own.


  • Heat-treated lifting saddle
  • Secured grip management to protect the truck
  • Durable forged alloy construction
  • Versatile applications


  • Screws are poor quality comparatively

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4. Powerbuilt 6000-Pounds Capacity Unijack

Powerbuilt 620471 Unijack - 6000 lb. Capacity ,...
  • Safely lifts and holds unibody and body-on-frame vehicles, 3 ton capacity. Wide flat...
  • Combines jack stand and Hydraulic bottle jack in one unit, eliminating need for...
  • Designed to safely Lift and hold both Regular and unibody cars and trucks
  • Combines jack stand and hydraulic bottle jack in one unit, eliminating need for...

If the jack cannot hold much, an accident can occur that can hamper your truck or even your hands. That means the ack should hold the truck tight until your job is done. Powerbuilt unijack is strong and has safety bar locks to keep your truck height to the desired point. In addition, a broad flat base for the secured placement keeps this licked placing stable for a more extended period. As a result, you can work with great comfort. 

This jack allows lifting a unibody and the body on the truck’s frame tightly and smoothly. It holds it in a stable position. The flat and wide surface of the base reduces the truck’s chance of falling and decreases the truck’s sinking within the jack under the soft areas. This jack uses a combined stand within the hydraulic jack, whereas you may have to use the stand separately to set the ack. This means easy operation with colossal safety.

For the capacity of lifting the vehicle to a higher height, it is one of the best jack for lifted trucks. You can lift your truck to 21 inches. It is massive. Isn’t it? With a premium quality body structure, this jack stays vital for a long time, and you do not have to think of buying another jack for several years. This jack serves the best.


  • High weight lifting capacity
  • Stable setting with tight joints
  • Combination of Jack and stand in design
  • Sinking preventing power on loose soil


  • It may get stuck in a high position

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5. Big Red Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

BIG RED T83006 Torin Hydraulic Trolley...
  • Hydraulic trolley floor jack is constructed with heavy duty steel, providing long...
  • Features a 3 ton (6,000 lb) capacity with a minimum lifting height of 5-7/8" and a...
  • Equipped with (2) large steel casters and (2) 360-degree swivel casters for smooth...
  • Single piston quick lift pump allows you to easily raise the jack to the desired...

Big Red is another best floor jack for lifted trucks for its strength and heavy-duty construction. It is made of heavy-duty steel and furnishes with a lustrous look. For its superior quality and unique professional look, it is fantastic. It makes a total balance while keeping the truck lifted above. This floor jack is premium for its ultra-balancing design. With a to-notch pattern, the floor jack keeps the truck hold for an extended period so that you can finish your job at great ease. 

It allows you to lift to 3 tons of weight at 5-87 inches to 20.87 inches in height. Keeping it in your truck, you can think that you can handle complicated situations on the way. To increase the maneuverability, this jack possesses large-sized steel-made casters and two 360-degree swivel casters. As a result, you can perform your job smoothly and with less time. In addition, the saddle neck is long to do the job for higher trucks smoothly. There is also a safety bypass system that enables to prevent overloading and keep the ack durable.

You will use the single piston pump, which helps in easy operation to lift the truck. The tongs are also made of rubber to provide safety from scratch in your truck. So, for a time-consuming job, have this jack in your truck.


  • Heavy-duty build material
  • Time-saving construction and operation system
  • Safety bypass to resist overloading
  • Long height lifting capacity


  • Space-consuming design

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6. Smittybilt Universal Trail Jack

Smittybilt 2722 Universal Trail Jack - 54"
  • Large base and adjustable connector clamp
  • Constructed of solid cast steel and finished in durable powder coat
  • All hardware is zinc plated
  • 54 inches in height with a 4660lbs rated weight capacity

Smittybilt is an adorable grey or black colored trail jack. You will carry this ack with the best smartness. It is only 30 pounds in weight that makes it portable. This jack is easy to handle and operate. The connector clamp is adjustable that lets you use it at your convenience. You can set it as you like. This easy adjustability allows to place the jack and connect the truck at an easy handling angle. 

For extended durability, the jack’s hardware is zinc-plated and has a powder finish. The smooth touch comes from the powder finish. So you can have a safe use with a safe touch to your hand. The body of the ack is made of robust cast steel that gives a considerable strength to lift the heavier truck and hold it for a longer period so that you can replace your wheel or other instruments quickly. Though it says its rating for 4660 pounds, you can lift it to 7000 pounds. 

This jack is also known as the best bottle jack for lifted truck for its easy operating system. You will love to use the removable handle, synthetic rubber handle, and steel-made handle with 14-gauge tubing. With the affordable price range, you should get it from the market as soon as possible


  • Large base structure for the adjustable use
  • High height enabling lifting the truck to a higher height
  • Strong structure
  • Zinc plating and powder finish for a smooth touch and durability


  • It is not rustproof

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7. Pittsburgh Ultra Low-Profile Floor Jack

Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low...
  • Super-tough precision welded construction with an industrial grade finish
  • Industrial quality for professional mechanics and hardcore automotive enthusiasts
  • Rapid Pump exclusive dual parallel pump system lifts with far fewer pumps
  • Universal joint release provides precise load control in any handle position

In terms of precision, the Pittsburgh floor jack has the welded construction. It allows the correct settings of the truck. When you can set the jack at the right angle, you can do your job at best. This jack is perfect not only for personal use but also for industrial use. The design is such that you can do your job professionally. That is why professionals and mechanics like to use this ack when they work to maintain the vehicle. 

To keep it at a stand in a stable position, this jack has extra-wide steel casters. This type of design reduces any lousy situation to accidents occur. Besides, to increase the stability and keep it firmly, the universal joint release option supports everything. It increases load control. The dual parallel pump lifts the truck rapidly and saves your time. It allows you to control the time and ease of your job. 

Steel casting body is durable and firm, which lets it stay with your truck for several years. You will be worry-free and use this jack anywhere you need.


  • Precision in handling and setting is sure
  • Dual pump to perform the time-saving job
  • Universal joint release system for flexible handling
  • Premium quality and increased durability


  • The joint of screws are not so strong

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8. Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Triple Lift Jack

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift...
  • This Is Highly Durable
  • Patented Design Features Both A Removable Lift Saddle And Padded Lift Rails
  • Lifting Capacity Of 4,000 Pounds
  • Locking Safety Bar Holds Jack In Place Once Raised

With attractive features and supportive functions, Powerbuilt comes with a triple lift jack to reduce your hassles. This jack makes parts replacement jobs easier comparatively. You will be astonished to see its power. The padded lift rails protect the truck surface and prevent wearing or scratching. The lift saddle is easy to handle and removable.

With extraordinary strength, this jack holds the load with the best security. There is a safety lock bar and safety loops to tie the load firmly for the best safety. 

This jack is not only for trucks or SUVs, and it is perfect for any type of vehicle. This jack is designed in a unique system that supports easy portability, flexible handling, and secured operation. After lifting high loads, you do not have to worry about its capacity.

The stand-free system keeps the loads locked firmly. Its base is broad to give you enough space to work. Movable wheels increase flexibility. Mechanics supports this type of jack design more.

When the lift jack has both the padded lift rails and lift saddle, you will have a great variety of applications. So, get this interesting triple ack and have the best experience.


  • Long longevity
  • Both the removable lit saddle and lift rails included
  • Safety locking bars
  • High weight lifting capacity


  • Expensive

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9. TCE Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack

TCE AT83006U Torin Hydraulic Trolley Service/Floor...
  • Hydraulic trolley floor jack is constructed with heavy duty steel, providing long...
  • Features a 3 ton (6,000 lb) capacity with a minimum lifting height of 5-7/8" and a...
  • Equipped with (2) large steel casters and (2) 360-degree swivel casters for smooth...
  • Single piston quick lift pump allows you to easily raise the jack to the desired...

TEC floor ack will serve you at its best with a premium structure and superior quality build material. It includes all the requirements to make your job easy and flexible. It is time-consumer too. This jack is made of heavy-duty steel that is stronger and potential. Through two large steel-made casters and swivel casters, you can perform the job smoothly and sharply. 

There is an extra-long saddle neck to allow you to lift the truck higher so that you can work under it with great ease. Any mechanical labor will be easy to perform with high precision. The swivel casters can move 360-degrees which provides additional flexibility to work. As a great advantage, you can use this lift for most vehicles. You do not have to spend money to buy a separate lift for different vehicles. 

It ensures the highest safety when you work. As the single-piston pump lifts the truck faster, the safety bypass system forces you to take overloads. So, you do not have the knowledge about the capacity of this lift. Instead, it will instruct you. 


  • Heavy-duty floor jack for truck
  • 6000 pounds load lifting capacity
  • Strong pump to do lifting quick
  • Durable material made


  • Wheels get loosen over time

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10. K Tool International Air Hydraulic Jack

K Tool International 22 Ton Blue Air Hydraulic...
  • [22-TON CAPACITY] - K tool International hydraulic jack rated to lift up to 22 tons...
  • [TRUCK JACK SPECS] - Minimum Height: 8 2/3"; Raised Height: 13 1/2"; Ram Travel 4...
  • [WIPER SEAL] - Wiper seal on the ram for longer life in extreme environments
  • [RELEASE KNOB] - Release Knob At the Top of the T Handle Works At Any Handle...

Are you thinking about lifting up a huge load? K Tool Jack is there to perform the best. It is fantastic and very potential. This ack can lift to 22 tons. It is vigorous. It enables to lift the whole truck. When you have to lift the complete truck with loads, you can do this with this K Tool jack. It works on an air pressure pump at 100 to 20 PSI. Though it can lift high loads, you do not have to wait much. It does its job faster.

Since you have to take the jack when you ride for a long journey, it can wear or damage the weather actions. This jack has a wiper seal to protect it from the weather effect. It increases its longevity. For smooth and flexible handling, it has three positioning options. You cans set it at many angles to make the work easier. The release knob keeps the position at hold as more as you want. Until you release it, it will stay stand. 

This ack is responsible for heavier load lifting. So, it must have that strength. The construction is such string that can lift the high load at ease. It seems like it can do its job in an instant. 


  • Heavy load lifting job
  • Firm material made and durable product
  • Release knob at T-handle design for the supportive job
  • Heat-treated screws


  • Expensive

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Lifted Truck Jack: Buyer’s Guide

Within the quality and full of features, the lifting jack should match the truck or van requirement. It is about the capability and height of the truck. Let’s learn those facts that should match the ack features.


Quality and durability are the first and foremost topics to think about. The steel-made construction for the truck jacks is the expected configuration as the strength matters much for a jack’s performance. Joints and other parts of the jacks should also be vital as their job is to lift the high load.

As for the quality, the durability is also more extended than you think. Some brands provide a powdery finish and rustproof material to make it long-lasting.

Height Match

If the jack cannot lift your truck to the desired height, you cannot work correctly. That is why, before buying the jack, you have to measure the height of the truck and measure how high you have to lift the truck to provide you enough room to work underneath it. Then choose a lift that can lift the truck high enough. 

Weight Lifting Capacity

The weight lifting capacity is the primary need. First, measure the weight of your truck and then choose a lift that has the capacity to lift the weight of your truck or more. If it is not right, then your money will be a waste.

Safety Features

Most recent brands provide unique features to ensure your safety, including safety locks, removable safety bars, etc. Besides, the broad base also provides more security to your job. So, check all the features and additional parts before buying your truck jack.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are confused about the lifting acks for trucks, you can clear them out by knowing the answers to the most-asked questions.

#1. What will be the correct size for the lift of a truck?

Ans: As the rules applied, a jack has to be rated a minimum of three-quarters of the truck’s total weight. For example, a one-and-a-half-ton jack has the ability to lift at least 4000 pounds. So, Jack’s ability is counted on this term.

#2. What is the better between floor jack and bottle jack?

Ans: Between the floor jacks and the bottle jacks, floor jacks provide more stability at the stand than the bottle jacks. With their balancing power and broad base, floor jacks offer more security and more options to work. Bottle jacks can offer minimum height lifting capacity. For the professional and mechanical job, bottle acks may not support sometimes. 

#3. Can a bottle jack work without the stand?

Ans: Yes, a bottle ack can work well without the stand. But it becomes low-safe or no-safe. To keep the lifted truck at hold in a secured position, you have to be sure that it stays correctly at a stand. So yes, to provide safety, you need a stand.

#4. How much are the floor jacks safe?

Ans: The best floor acks work well for lifting the truck and holding it long. But you must not take the floor ack as the tool to lift and hold the truck.  Most of the hazards come from this misconception. They are only for lifting vehicle purposes. They cannot keep you safe underneath the truck though they have that strength. So you must be cautious about it.

#5. What are the causes of the floor jack’s failure?

Ans: There are some excellent reasons for the failure of the floor jack. These reasons are oil underfill or overfill, oil leak, rested or scarred ram pistons, trapped air, damaged or missing loose parts, etc.

#6. When should you rotate the tires on the lifted truck?

Ans: According to the experts’ recommendations, you have to rotate the tires of your lifted truck after 5000 to 7500 miles. It will let you keep the security right. 

Final Words

What is the best jack for lifted truck? If you are concerned about this matter, you should learn the necessary features from the buyer’s guide, which is included on this page. 

When it comes to lifting the truck, you must have some work under the truck. If it is like that, then you must need some time to perform your job. A robust jack lifts the truck at a high height and keeps it on hold for an extended period. So, providing enough time and security when you work under your truck is the job of the jack. So, grab the correct jack from the list above and meet all your demand.


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