7 Best Generator for Food Truck 2021: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The food truck business is a fast-growing business, and it needs lots of electrical power to run inside a generator, many electric-powered appliances, lights, fans, heaters, etc. If the generator is powerful enough, you do not have to worry about the power supply. So how do you know what is the perfect generator for your food truck?

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The best generator for a food truck has many advanced features and the ability to supply enough energy to run the truck at least for 10 hours and more without any hindrance. However, if there is a power cut even for a minute, it will be a significant loss for your business.

Therefore, choosing the right generator for your food truck is a critical matter. At first, check the details of the features and then select the correct one for your truck. Here is the ultimate solution to find an updated generator from a list of top generators that are suitable for the food trucks.

The Best Generator for Food Truck

It is tough to get a generator that smoothly works for the food trucks. To do this difficult job easy, the list below shows the most powerful portable generators that run the food truck and its element freshly. You can check the features in detail and grab one.

1. DuroMax Dual Fuel Propane Powered Generator

DuroMax XP12000EH Generator-12000 Watt Gas or...
  • Powerful DuroMax Engine: the XP12000EH is powered by a DuroMax, 457cc OHV engine.
  • Dual fuel technology: the ability to run on propane or gasoline allows the freedom...
  • Plenty of power: with 12,000 starting watts and 9, 500 running watts, This unit can...
  • Maximum power: with DuroMax MX2 technology, get the maximum power from each of the...

A food truck runs with the power of a generator. It works all day long. If your refrigerator does not run even for a minute, you may have to refuse your customer to provide food. Yes, a food truck is that much busy. So, a strong generator holds a lot of responsibility for your food truck business. DuroMax is such a generator that provides enough power to run the truck all day. So, you can be sure that your refrigerator, which holds the essential food items, will be active all day long.

This generator begins to run at 12000 watts power, and the power does not reduce than 9500 watts at the running time. Many generators cannot possess that much power as it reduces to a lower level after running for several hours. This generator offers a dual fuel system that minimizes your hassle. Both propane and gasoline can work in this generator. You can choose one fuel type whatever you get available. DuroMax uses the MX2 technology that maximizes power.

This technology receives 120 volts from the receptacle. It can work with both the power 120V and 240V simultaneously. It is amazing. You also can run one of both voltages. EPA and CARB approve this four-stroke engine. 


  • 457cc OHV powerful engine
  • It can run at 9500 watts 
  • Work in 120V and 240V simultaneously
  • EPA and CARB approved


  • Some parts may rust 

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2. Westinghouse Electric Inverter Generator

Westinghouse Outdoor Power Equipment iGen4500...
  • 3700 Rated Watts and 4500 Peak Watts at Less Than 3% THD – Telescoping Handle –...
  • Features a 5–20R 120V Duplex Household Outlet, an RV-Ready Tt-30R 30 Amp Outlet and...
  • Led Data Center: Rotating Digital Display Shows Fuel Level, Power Output, Remaining...
  • Extremely Quiet, Extremely Fuel Efficient: as Low as 52 dBA Noise Output and Up to 18...

Generator noise destroys the enjoying environment of the food truck. Westinghouse brings an extremely quiet generator. It produces sounds as low as 52 dBA. It is designed in such a way the engine of this generator cannot make a harsh sound. With a peaceful, polite nature, you can maximize fuel efficiency. 

It has the Economy Mode. You can run the engine for a continuous 18-hour time using 3.4-gallon gas. It keeps you worry-free for a more extended period. Your refrigerator, stove, lights, microwaves, or toasters will be on full-time and provide you necessary service. 

This generator can create high electricity power that works at 3700 watts and 4500 peak watts. It is easy to operate too. You can use the key fob remote to start your generator, and it provides to on it in electric and recoils start. The gas-powered engine efficiently produces enough energy to run the food truck and its every necessary equipment with fluency. This generator is terrific for food trucks as it works with travel-friendly outlets, including a 120V duplex household outlet, two USB outlets, and RV-ready 30 Amp outlet.

In the generator, you will have detailed information about fuel level, power output, voltage output, remaining run time, lifetime hours, etc., in the digital LED display. It updates from time to time and provides accurate time information. In addition, it allows being alert for the fuel and other input. So you will have a safe journey in your food truck business. 


  • Works in 3700 watts at less than 3% THD
  • Digital display to show updated information about fuel and other things
  • Noise-free engine
  • Economy mode to increase the fuel efficiency


  • Bigger in size

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3. Champion Power RV Ready Open Frame Inverter

Champion Power Equipment 100302 4000-Watt RV Ready...
  • Advanced Open Frame Inverter Design: 50% quieter and 20% lighter than a traditional...
  • Quiet Technology and Extended Run Time: 64 dBA is great for RVs, tailgating, your...
  • Clean electricity for sensitive electronics: RV Ready with a 120V 30A RV, plus two...
  • Parallel Ready: Increase your power output by connecting up to two 2800-watt or...

Champion comes with an updated generator version that is 50% quieter with the fuel efficiency mode. Using the economy mode, you can extend the longevity of the engine. It is also portable than the traditional models. That is why it is easy to work and operate it. The RV-ready system cut the use of an adapter that reduces half of your hassle. The engine begins at 4000 watts and then provides 3500 watts at the running time. It can run at his level continuously for 17 hours on gasoline. So, it amazingly supports your truck for a more extended period than you think.

Producing sounds at 64 dBA can keep your environment calm, and the customers will also be happy. You can connect and run one 120V 30A RV and two 120V 20A outlets. It works at clean power, and there is no chance of any short circuit. There is an option to use the 12V DC outlet with the help of a dual USB adapter. There is also an innovative option to use the parallel kit. Through this parallel ready connection, you can increase the output. All you have to connect to a 2880-watt inverter. You also can connect the digital hybrid inverter.

You will get an oil funnel, cables to charge the battery, and a USB adapter with the generator. You do not need to buy the accessories separately. To work at highly efficient electricity production, run your food truck, and have a smooth business.


  • Open frame inverter for the convenient use
  • Fuel efficient economy mode
  • Standard quiet design
  • RV ready clean electricity


  • Sometimes, become noisy

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4. WEN Gas-powered 2000-Watts Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i 2000-Watt Gas Powered Portable Inverter...
  • Dimensions: 18" x 11" x 18" | Weight: 48 lbs
  • Noise Level: 53 dB operation
  • EPA III and CARB Compliant 79.7 cc 4-stroke OHV engine produces 2000 surge watts and...
  • Great for campgrounds, construction sites, tailgates and power outages

When you have a noise-free generator, the food truck stays very calm and quiet. Customers like to have tasty food in a peaceful environment. The WEN generator produces only 53 dB sound when it is running. This generator generates 2000 watts of electricity, and you do not have to worry about any power loss anytime. You will be able to run the food truck continuously for an extended period. 

It is not only for the food trucks but also for the campgrounds, tailgates, power outages, and construction sites. This generator can take loads and produce energy not to be electricity production of fewer than 1600 watts.

If the electricity is not passing at optimum condition, it may cause a short circuit, damaging some electronic products. However, this quiet generator for food truck is absolutely safe for several electronics. It produces convenient and clean energy by limiting the distortion to less than 0.3% when it is at no load and to less than 1.2 % when it is at full load. This means the safest electricity transfer and production for many devices, including laptops, tablets, cellphones, and other vulnerable electronics.  

This generator is light in weight, increasing portability, and you can quickly transfer it to any place. It keeps the weight of the food truck at an optimum level too. It is absolutely safe and effective to use every day. 


  • Noise-free engine
  • 2000 watts electricity production
  • Safe to transfer energy
  • Option to double the energy by contrasting two generators


  • Cannot take excessive loads 

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5. Champion Power RV Ready Generator

Champion Power Equipment 100522 4375/3500-Watt RV...
  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY: Includes a low oil shut-off sensor and holds 0.6-quarts of oil...
  • RELIABLE AND POWERFUL: At 4375 starting watts and 3500 running watts, enjoy up to 12...
  • COVERED OUTLETS: 120V 30A locking, 120V 30A RV and two 120V 20A outlets - Volt Guard...
  • INTELLIGAUGE: Monitor voltage, frequency and operating hours with ease

If you are planning to get a safe and reliable generator, then champion power brings the best food truck generator for its safe nature and high-power generating solution. This generator is designed so that you can be sure of the safety of any wrong occurrence of sudden power cuts. If your truck shuts suddenly, it will make a considerable loss within some minutes, and if it is hours, the loss will be gross. This generator has Intelligauge that can monitor the voltage, operating hours, and frequency. You can have a track on when you need to refill the fuel or oil or gas.

The champion generator has a low-oil shut-off option that will shut the generator when there are 0.6 quarts of oil left. It reduces the risk of corrosion of running of the engine without oil. It increases longevity and keeps the generator safe. This generator produces constant 3500 watts when it is running. It is enormous to keep ‘on’ all the lights, stoves, fridges, and other necessary items. There is a volt guard as a built-in protector which resists the device to take overloads. 

The covered outlets for offering the best safety are 120V 30A locking, two 120V 20A outlets, a 120V 30A RV. For these supports, your mobiles, laptops, etc., that are running with this power will remain safe and sound all the time. There is safety and proper power generation, and you will get excellent support to grow your business. 

A remarkable fact is that cold start technology keeps the generator power on smoothly even at a lower temperature. So, where many generators get stuck and do not start at colder weather, it does not affect this generator. So, keep your business activities with the help of this RV-ready generator.


  • Powerful electricity generation
  • 2 hours running time in a constant
  • Intelligauge to monitor the voltage, frequency, and others
  • Volt-guard as a protector
  • Cold start technology


  • Makes noise

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6. Yamaha Gas-powered Portable Generator

YAMAHA EF2000iSv2, 1600 Running Watts/2000...
  • 1600 watt rated AC output, 2000 watt maximum AC output, 13.3/16.7 amps @ 120V
  • Super-quiet muffler with USFS-approved spark arrestor - 51.5 dBA at 1/4 load
  • Smart Throttle varies engine speed based on load - improves fuel economy and reduces...
  • Inverter system with Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) control

When you see the size of the Yamaha generator, you will be pleased. The compact design will take a very little space of your food truck but run your truck entirely. It can produce 1600 watts continuously for 10.5 hours. So you do not have any worry at this time. You can completely concentrate on your business and grow it up with the help of all your electric appliances. 

The high-power electricity keeps the voltage stable at ± 1% and the frequency at ± 0.1 HZ. It works with PMW technology which means pulse width modulation. So it empowered the clean and pure public utility power that stays solid and runs all your things to support you in every step.

All this premium quality power generation is possible at a low noise level. So it becomes a great plus-point. Isn’t it? It has a sophisticated muffler, and USFS approved spark arrestor. These technologies and options resist the device from making noise. It works from 51.5 dBA to 61 dBA. There are also the rubber vibration isolation feet that keep the elements smooth while running to create electricity. It helps the machineries to work well and cut the sound production.

If the machine suddenly shut off or run at low oil condition, it can damage many parts of the device. These parts are hard to repair and expensive. The oil watch warning system stays active to shut the engine when there is a low amount of oil. It keeps the engine safe from damaging risks. For this option, you can use this generator for a long, and it will be okay. There are also the electrical overload breakers that do not let it take overloads and reduce the engine’s power. 

When you have to work on an electric overload supply, you can use a twin tech generator with two of them connecting through a parallel connected technology. So, you can have all the options to keep the truck running fluently.


  • Oil watch warning system
  • Electric overload breaker technology
  • PMW technology for clean power generation
  • Sound reducing technology


  • After long time use, controlling power lessen

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7. Briggs & Stratton Gray Mobile Food Truck Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30545 Inverter Generator, Gray
  • Run time: Up to 10 at 1/4 Load
  • Running Amps 21.7A
  • Alternator: Permanent magnet
  • Clean and instant power to keep appliances and other important electronics running...

For a smooth food truck business, it should be on power all day long. So, it depends on an inverter generator intensely. With the Briggs & Stratton generator, you can cut all your worry for at least 10 hours. It creates clean and fresh energy to supply to all your current connections to your food truck. It also can run an air conditioner for warm time, keeping your truck inside cool. All these functionalities run without making any noise. 

This generator can supply four household outlets and 12-volt DC outlets. You do not have to work much or extra work to maintain this generator. There is a digital LCD screen to show the updated conditions of the generator. You will see the fuel condition, oil status, voltage, etc. 

This generator is highly portable. It has a luggage-style handle and also six-inches wheels, which helps it to transfer any place. When you need to take loads of electricity production, you twin up two of these inverter generators and combine them through the parallel connection ports.

At the side of the generator, there are covers to reduce the noise output and protect the generator’s inner parts. Thus, it increases reliability and safety while working. In addition, you can use this generator for a more extended period. 


  • Quiet operating condition
  • Double energy supply through the parallel connections
  • High portability through the wheel and handle
  • High longevity


  • Expensive

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Generator for Food Truck: Buying Guide

Generators for the food trucks are the essential item. If there is no power, how will you arrange the food for your customer? So, with the food truck and your necessities, find a generator at first. If you do not set the correct type of generator for your food truck, your business cannot set well. So, when buying the generator, check the notable features closely.


How much power can the generator supply? It is the main feature of a generator. You have to calculate this first and then check generators to buy. You have to consider every part of the food truck, including all the electric-powered appliances. Find the electricity usage of these parts in watts and then summarize all the wattages. This will be the required power supply. 

Some generators are designed to take loads by the surge power option. By matching your need, you have to choose the generator. You can pair up two generators and connect them by the parallel connection to have more power supply.


The engine is the life of the generator. The power supply depends on it. If the engine is not powerful enough, it cannot take loads, and the power supply will reduce drastically within time. On the other hand, the high-powered engine can be able to produce more electricity. 

Moreover, there are two-stroke and four-stroke engines. Four-stroke engines are more fuel-efficient and stronger. So, check this part while buying it.


Power-down is not acceptable when you are dealing with your customers. So, the runtime is one of the essential features of the generators. It depends mainly on the fuel reservoir size. Generally, gasoline-powered generators can hold 4 to 7 gallons of fuel, whereas propane or other generators can hold more. 

The runtime also depends on fuel efficiency and the power draw. Efficient fuel use can increase the runtime. If you can find a generator that power enough to create fuel efficiency, it will be beneficial. 


For different applications, you will need different power outlets. As you have many appliances to run, you can choose heavy-duty generators. Generators that can supply 240V locking outlets or 30A outlets will be the best choice to get the best support. Standard generators can supply 120V-20A outlets that can support average households. You should look for the USB ports too or the 12V DC outlets which will provide the option to charge your smartphone or laptop. 

Noise Level

Making noise is a common issue for generators. If there is lots of noise around the food truck, customers must not like that. So most of the new brands bring generators that are noise-free or low noise producers. Try to find a generator that cannot produce sounds more than 55 to 60dB. 

Frequently Asked Questions

While you are operating a generator for running your food truck, we know that you have some queries. Generally, you will see those questions match the most demanded questions asked by customers. Know the answers to those questions. 

#1. How do portable food trucks have electricity to run their things?

Ans: There are a few options to run the electricity supply, including gas-powered or diesel-powered generators, solar panels, or propane tanks. Though all these options are convenient enough, the portable generators have earned more popularity for their supporting features.

#2. What is the best size for a food truck generator?

Ans: In your food truck, there are fridges, blenders, smokers, toasters, or microwaves. You need these appliances as the most necessary equipment to run your food truck business. Besides those appliances, you have to run lights or maybe fans. To provide power to all the electric-powered elements, you will need a generator that supplies a minimum of 3000 watts or 25 amps. Some generators can supply more power, like 4000 to 7000 watts. These generators will support you to run more appliances for an extended time.

#3. What can be the quietest generator for a food truck?

Ans: It is essential to be quiet for a food truck generator as you serve your customers, and noisy disturbance is not preferable. Some technologies are applied to keep the generator quiet, like a sophisticated muffler, spark arrestor, protective cover at the sides, etc. All these functions can reduce the sound output.

#4. How many solar panels can run a food truck? 

Ans: When your truck has two 12V batteries or two 6V batteries within 200 to 250 AH, your food truck will need 600 watts solar panels at minimum. If the batteries of the same power are four in quantity within 400 to 600 AH, your truck will need 200 watts of solar panels at a minimum.

#5. How do food trucks get the water supply?

Ans: There is a particular water system that turns into hot water by using a water heater. This water heater works on electricity supply, and it needs a generator. However, the water heater can be installed easily and efficiently.

#6. Where to install the generator in a food truck?

Ans: Generators produce harmful carbon monoxide. Besides, it can be hot after running for several hours. That’s why you should not enter the generator in the interior of the food truck. It should be set in a well-ventilated area. There should not be any heat-resistant and non-flammable things in that place.

Final Words

If you can see all the features and functions of the portable generators in one place, it will be easy to select a power supply for your food truck. On this page, you will find the best generator for food truck with functions and capacities. 

Your generator must have the ability to supply enough power to keep all the appliances active. It should be easy to operate and flexible to handle too.  We have researched well and choose the best generators and then compile them here. So, you can get one for your business without any hesitation.


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