The Best Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck in 2021

When you plan to go camping, trekking, boat riding, or kayaking, you just need to carry the vessel or other things and travel to the right place. How do you manage to haul all the necessary items to the destination? It is not a matter of worry. You will need a powerful truck that is ready to tow a lifted truck and a hitch. A strong hitch is enough to haul all the things behind. 

The best drop hitch for the lifted trucks can take heavy loads and tow a long way. As it is about a tough job, the hitch must have enough strength and durability. You do not intend to buy the hitch frequently. You should check the necessary features of the hitch and then decide to purchase it. It is a great hassle job to collect one from loads of collections in the market. Checking all is gross work.

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Do not worry, and we have collected a perfect list of top hitches with detail of their functions and capability. All of them are worth your checking.

Best Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck

Towing will be the ultimate solution to get ready for the adventure when you have a reliable, strong, and steady drop hitch. With a stable balance, it can be a noise-free and safe solution to tow everything behind. Check the best hitches below with their details and find the right one that matches your truck size and need. 

1. CURT Trailer Hitch Ball 

CURT 45900 Adjustable Trailer Hitch Ball Mount,...
  • HIGHLY VERSATILE. Adapt your trailer hitch to any towing situation with the highly...
  • SMOOTH TOWING. For a smoother, quieter ride while towing your trailer, this...
  • POWERFUL BUILD. Constructed from high-strength steel, this adjustable hitch ball...
  • PRECISE FIT. This adjustable ball hitch comes with a standard shank to fit virtually...

With a high range of application option, CURT hitch ball adapts with the lifted truck situation and move the truck properly. The shank of the hitch is formed in the channel style to support perfect flipping at two different drops rise that are 6 inches and 5.25 inches.

It is common for most people that they feel disturbed by the noise of towing. This hitch ball ensures quiet operation. You can smoothly toe the truck without making any noise. Besides, the truck protection is sure while using this hitch ball.

This trailer hitch for the lifted truck has the anti-rattling function to provide a smooth movement by protecting the car from noise or vibration. With the rattling and shaking, friction can be harmful to the truck. this hitch ball deters vibration, rattling, and chucking. If there is a bit of rattling chance, those are for some unique points. 

This hitch ball is powerful for its build system and construction material. With high-strength steel, this hitch ball performs its best to lift high loads. The hitch ball is two inches in diameter and made of firm and solid material that can lift to 10,000 pounds. Another ball can lift 14,000 pounds. That increases operational flexibility and safety. 

The standard ball size and shank are perfect for making an excellent fit for the truck, which provides the best benefit of using this hitch. You can carry this hitch anywhere you need, and the weather resistance power offers excellent durability. Have this corrosion-resistant ball hitch to use at any need in your journey.


  • Versatile applications
  • Flexible towing option with anti-rattling function
  • Highly durable and weather-resistant construction
  • Powerful to lift to 4,00 pounds


  • Storing is quite hard for space-consuming design

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2. B & W Tri-ball Trailer Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow - Fits 2" Receiver,...
  • Multiple ball sizes eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts.
  • Adjustable in height for level towing.
  • Two-step finish: ecoat and black powder coat, provide corrosion protection inside and...
  • Stows under the vehicle when not in use.

When you paln for camping or hiking and want to transport necessary things, you will need the hitch ball, almost for sure. Why is it? There are many high and low roads in the way of camping and hiking. You may need to tow the truck that you are riding.

With the help of the B & W hitch, you can pull your vehicle smoothly. This trailer hitch can take high loads and tow the vehicle from an elevated height range. For stowing and hauling, this hitch can provide the best flexibility in style.

There are three balls to offer maximum flexibility. With towing rate of 10,000 pounds, you will have gross options to work out. This towing rate increases and varies from 14,500 pounds to 21,000 pounds with the change of shank models. With the vertical towing weight rating, your options will increase more. You will have the best use of this hitch. 

With the testing of strength and endurance level, this hitch has proved its capability. With the multiple ball sizes, you can adjust them how you like; you do not have to mount other balls frequently.

In fact, almost all types of towing jobs at heights become easy with these three balls. With an increased level of strength and construction material, this hitch performs the best at its own ability. There are two steps coating, the coat and the black powder coat that prevents the hitch and ball from corrosion, not only from outside but also from inside. 


  • Strong material made that provides premium durability
  • To steps coating to make it corrosion free
  • Three balls to mount the truck at a different position
  • Four range of drops


  • Quite pricey

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3. MaxxHaul Dual Ball Hitch

MaxxHaul 70380 Black/Chrome Adjust Dual Ball Mount
  • Towing capacity: 8,000 pounds GTW with 2" hitch ball and 12,000 GTW with 2-5/16"...
  • Maximum rise: 7-1/2"
  • Maximum drop 6-1/2"
  • Ball diameters: 2 inches and 2-5/16 inches. Dual-pin design provides stability

MaxxHaul brings a tow hitch for lifted trucks that offers premium support, specialized strength, and high lifting capacity. It provides a nice finish and design with excellent durability. The towing capacity ranges from 8000 pounds GTW to 12000 pounds GTW.

It uses its superpower to tow the truck at better flexibility and refined smoothness. The rising ability is 7.5 inches, and the dropping capacity is 6.5 inches. This option provides you the flexibility to work with great ease.

There is a safety case you have to think about. If the attachment is not so strong, you will have the risk of sudden detachment of the hitch. This hitch is joined by the dual-pin that keeps it attached to the towing support strongly. So, your truck’s safety is ensured.

The steel-made hitch balls and the complete construction give the hitch long life to serve you. At an affordable price, you can have it and use it smoothly. 

With eight holes support, you will have higher adjustability. When you have the chance to use it for a long time, there is no need to think of the new one frequently.

The black and chrome finish brings a lustrous and gorgeous look and premium resistance power from corrosion and rust formation. With the weather-resistant coating, you can be sure of keeping it with you every time you ride your truck. So, have this Dual ball hitch in your vehicle and ensure safety.


  • High power for towing
  • Perfect size and diameter balance
  • Flexible use option with dual ball
  • Increased safety for the double ball attachment


  • It is noisy

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4. Anderson Hitches Steel Plated Aluminum Hitch

Rapid Hitch Manufacturing 3410 - 6" Drop/Rise...
  • RAPIDLY ADJUST THE HEIGHT: Rapidly adjust the ball mount height by pulling the pin,...
  • ADJUSTABLE BALL MOUNT WITH A 6 INCH DROP AND RISE: Enjoy a 6" drop and a 6" rise,...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT HITCH: The aluminum is lightweight, making the Rapid Hitch easy to move...

When you need to tow the trailer by your truck, you may be annoyed by the time-consuming service of the hitches. Anderson Hitches company brings a fast hitch that ensures the time-saving service.

It is unimaginable to know how easy it is to mount this hitch in your truck that you will need very little time to do it. You just have to adjust the height at the desired point and then slip the pin back, and it is all set. Only two easy steps can fix the hitch right.

For the aluminum construction system, this hitch is super light in weight that helps to move the hitch quickly and flexibly. Though it is made of aluminum, the steel plating makes it superior in look and finish. Within the look, it becomes rust-proof and weather-proof.

You can store it on your truck or use it in any type of weather condition. Aluminum is also the vital type that does not peel or chip even with time. This hitch easily fits standard two inches receivers. 

There are three different dropping options, and they are 4 inches, 6 inches, and 10 inches. It increases flexibility and applications. In terms of durability, you do not have to worry. This hitch can work for longer than you think. With the rust-resistance and peel-proof function, this hitch serves well for years with accessible maintenance possibilities.

It is made of aluminum, and it does not lose its strength while towing the truck from a deep trench. Besides, it can pull for a more extended trailer too. With the high stowing and hauling ability, it provides the best performance.


  • Fast hitch adjusting process
  • High adjustability
  • Light in weight 
  • Flexible mounting service


  • Quite expensive

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5. Trimax Aluminum Drop Hitches for Lifted Truck

Trimax TRZ8AL 8" Premium Aluminum Adjustable Hitch...
  • TRIMAX Corporation is the world’s leading lock manufacturer providing customers’...
  • Dual 2 inch and 2-5/16 inch chrome ball, and keyed alike ball mount and receiver lock...
  • Unmatched style and strength; highly polished forged aluminum with a 10,000 pounds....
  • Adjusts in 1 inch increments and locks into place

Trimax proudly introduce their innovative hitch design for the best features included. With high-quality functions and specialized design, it serves its way to provide you the comfortable use. To make a mirror-like finish, hitches are polished with steel plating.

It gives a rust-proof, peel-resistant, and premium powder finish. It brings a posh look outside of the hitch and also a superior foundation inside. From the outside, the steel plating keeps the inner aluminum part vital that does not let it fail in any service. 

There are two balls in perfect sizes for the flexible setting option.  The receivers fit the ball and adjust it right to lock the hitch firmly. It provides safety and keeps the joints strong. Ensuring the premium structure, this hitch can work at high strength and put the truck and tow for a more extended trailer.

This hitch is made of aluminum but has the power to hold 10,000 pounds and tow with a stable movement. It does not lose control easily. If you have to tow the truck a long way, do not worry because this hitch can support you properly. 

Since the construction is done with forged aluminum after high polishing, it is durable from inside and outside. The adjustability is flexible, with six holes that are set at a 1-inch increment. You can flip the hitch to use for the same drop and rise. You will have three drop and rise options. 

When you go camping or trekking, you may need to tow your truck to set the accommodation. In that case, pulling with excellent safety is possible with this hitch. So, why late? Collect this hitch and go for your adventure.


  • High strength to provide stability in the movement
  • Forged aluminum inside and premium steel finish outside
  • Rust-proof and weather-resistant
  • Flexible to use and handle


  • Fitting is loose for some truck models

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6. B & W Tow & Stow Hitch

B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow - Fits 2.5"...
  • Multiple ball sizes eliminate the need for multiple ball mounts.
  • Adjustable in height for level towing.
  • Two-step finish: ecoat and black powder coat, provide corrosion protection inside and...
  • Stows under the vehicle when not in use.

B & W comes with another best adjustable drop hitch for lifted truck that has multiple ball sizes. Dual balls can perform well to increase flexibility. For one ball hitches, you may have to mount another ball to adjust with the truck needs. B & W hitches have balls that match almost all types of vehicle needs. 

With three sizes shank, 2 inches, 2.5 inches, and 3 inches, shanks can work for almost every type of vehicle, including pick-up trucks, trucks, and SUVs. You can tow and stow a long way without any interruption. It will not lose strength while towing your lifted truck. 

It is made of premium quality sheet steel, and this hitch work at higher strength. There is no chance to fall or loosen the connection instead;, it ensures safety at maximum level. When towing, this hitch does not make noise only makes a bit of rattling sound. 

This hitch is found in three models with three different shanks. One model works with the capacity of towing 10,000 pounds, next with the power of pulling 14,500 pounds, and the last with the towing capacity of 21,000 pounds. These options increase the versatility of applications. This hitch can tow a great variety of trucks for this reason, from minivans, pick-up trucks to heavy-duty trucks. 

This hitch can tow a long way with the best strength stability for the robust construction and premium finish. Get this hitch and store it in your truck for a long drive.


  • Height adjustability
  • Towing solid capacity for a long way
  • Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant finish 
  • Three shank models providing more options


  • Expensive

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7. GEN-Y Hitch Dual Ball Hitch

Drop Hitch by Geny 525 16,000 Lb 10" Drop Raise...
  • 2" solid shank,Class IV & V,10" DROP OR RAISE
  • 16,000 LB TOWING

If you want to discover the best drop hitch for lifted trucks, then you can grab this GEN-Y hitch ball. With a classical taste, this hitch ball is a heavy-duty accessory. This hitch ball provides the premium strength to tow the truck at a high load for safety purposes. It can tow 16000 pounds. That is gross. Isn’t it? 

The solid shank is 2 inches in diameter that serves great. It fits with any receivers that are two inches in size. This hitch designs the ball in this diameter range to match with most of the receiver sizes. 

With a dual ball, you can attach it with the truck at a superior strength. The attachment becomes so strong that you do not have to worry about any accidental occurrence. There is no chance to fall or loosen the connection. You can tightly adjust the hitch and tow smooth and delicate.

The pintle ring offers more flexibility to attach them and tow safely. It is also easy to mount by pulling the pin and moving around the ball. It is a time-saving and straightforward job. You can start your journey right now. 

This hitch is constructed with a premium design and foundation. Balls are heat-treated, and so, they can work at high temperatures or in hot weather. It provides the maximum flexibility to work in the different conditions of the truck. If you want a hitch to set it with a high customizing option and super flexibility, you can have this dual ball hitch. 


  • High loads towing capacity
  • Dual ball and pintle ring attachment for the safe and tight connection
  • Heat-treated balls
  • Long life and super strength


  • Expensive

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8. Draw-Tite Ultra Frame Zinc Hitch

Draw-Tite 4283 Ultra Frame 2" Zinc Ball Mount with...
  • Shank Size 2 inches

If you are concerned about a heavy-duty hitch at a low price range, the Draw-Tite hitch will be a perfect choice. With the traditional design and structure, it can provide a full service. This hitch is made of zinc that gives superior power and strength to this device. Through the round size hole, you can set this hitch tight and safe. 

The traditional design supports heavy-duty jobs. You can load heavier loads and two for a more extended way without worry. It keeps the truck set tight, and there will be no noise. Yes, there will be no sound for the construction and operation system.

The connection will be tight without any space opening. So, it will not get the chance to make any sound. A tiny amount of cranking can occur, but not more than that.

The zinc-made construction makes it premium. It gets high strength and durability. With a nice finish, this hitch does not get rusted easily. With the compact design, you can store it and carry it to any place easily. This portable function allows you to keep it with you whenever you go a long way. It is because you may need it to free the stuck truck or another vehicle. 

When you touch it and hold it in your hand, you will understand its strength level and structure benefit. When the ball mounting hitch needs more space to keep it, this hitch is a space-saving model. It is soft to touch with a smooth finish, and you will like to work with this hitch. So, get it and have the benefit at the low price range.


  • Heavy-duty strength
  • High durability
  • Highly portable and light in weight
  • Stable towing option


  • Only one mounting option

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How to Choose Drop Hitch for Lifted Truck

When it is about towing, the truck and the trailer must be set at the same height. If not, it will give the chance of risks or accidents. A proper hitch can set both the trucks at the same level. If you want to have a perfect drop hitch, you have to check its features closely. Let’s have some deep knowledge about the hitch.

Drop Hitch with Flipping Ability

The hitch drop lowers the trailer height than the truck when the trailer is already at a high altitude. That means with the use of the drop; you can level it. If the trailer is at tall height than the truck, then you have to lower it. If you are searching for both functions in one drop hitch, you must find a flip-able drop hitch. 

If you want to buy a hitch to use only for your truck and one trailer, you can buy a hitch that matches the need. If you need a hitch for varying purposes, you should look for the flip-able hitch.

Height Adjustment

If you have to use the hitch for several trailers, the hitch should have more than one height adjusting option. There is no trailer that has the same height and also the same height adjustment need for all the campers. So, you should find the hitch that can attach the trailer to your truck at different heights. 

Shank Size

To adjust the trailer to your truck, the shank size of the hitch should match the receiver tube size of the car. When you buy the hitch, you must check this point. If there is an imbalance in size, you have to buy an adapter to match the connection size.

Weight holding capacity

Two major measurements for weight capacity are the GTW and TW. GTW states for Gross Trailer Weight which is the entire weight of the trailer. TW is the Tongue Weight that is the total weight at the coupling point of the truck and the trailer. Both have their own needs. When you buy the hitch, the towing rate should be equal to or more than these capacities.

Frequently Asked Questions

You have to know many things to clear out your confusion. Let’s learn some facts.

  • Why is a drop hitch for the lifted truck necessary?

Ans: When you have to tow a trailer full of loads, you must need a solution to attach the trailer with the truck tight. That’s why you will need a hitch. A hitch can connect it with the ball mounting option and keep it stable for a long way.

  • What is a hitch class?

Ans: The hitch class indicates the weight carrying capacity of a hitch. This is the power of the hitch. It depends on the towing capacity of the towing truck or vehicle. The higher hitch class means the higher towing capacity, and the lower class has a low towing capacity. 

  • How much drop is suitable for a trailer hitch?

Ans: It depends on the height difference between the hitch and the trailer. If the hitch has 15 inches in height and the coupler has 12 inches, it needs the inches to drop. When you set the hitch to the trailer at 3 inches drop, it will be placed in a level position.

  • Which is the better between higher trailer tongue or lower?

Ans: If the trailer tongue is level, it is in the best position. When the trailer nose is up, the trailer tongue is set at low. Then it will make the trailer swing and create an unstable fit. Try to adjust the trailer tongue at level; if not possible, keep it low but not high.

  • What is the need for a drop hitch receiver?

Ans: The drop hitch receiver is to change the trailer hitch receiver height. It has a square shape with a steel made tube that stays bolted to the rear under the truck. Your hitch may not include this part, and you have to buy it separately. 

  • How can I increase the towing capacity?

Ans: There are many options to increase the towing capacity, but getting the right trailer hitch is the central point. If the hitch matches the truck size and need, you can increase the power of your truck. Besides, you also can increase the towing capacity by using a programmer, updating the braking system, upgrading the suspension, replacing the axles, installing the bigger radiator, and enhancing the intake and exhaust. If no option is working, then you have to upgrade the truck.

Final Words

When you have to transport things to new places, trucks are of more need than a car. Trucks can tow a trailer to your desired destination. But you will need a hitch to tow the trailer. Using a proper hitch, you can support the truck to hold high loads and tow for long. The best drop hitch for lifted trucks can also increase the capacity of the truck. 

When you find it challenging to find the proper hitch for your truck, it will be easier to collect the perfect one from this list of top-notch hitches. On this page, you will get all premium quality hitches with high strength and loads of power.

A proper hitch can attach the trailer with the truck tight and secured, cutting off the risk of loosening connections. So, grab the correct drop hitch for your vehicle and smoothly travel to transport your things.



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