Celadon’s Driver Development Program is a detailed and advanced training program created for new students as well as experienced refreshers to learn with a trainer for an established number of miles. This is an on-the-job training experience to prepare drivers for a career in truck driving. With over 200 professional trainers, our extensive training program provides one of the highest standard of training in the trucking industry.

Want to know more about becoming a driver at Celadon? Check our frequently asked questions page to see qualifications and other details. See below for more details about what you can experience when you come to Celadon:

Celadon Benefits


Your first step is our Celadon orientation class. Orientation is a two- to three-day class and will include valuable and important information with regards to your future employment at Celadon. There will be guest speakers from our Operations (Driver Managers) Department; Logs and also our Safety Department. They will also have a representative to explain and answer any questions regarding insurance coverage and benefits. 

Celadon Pay

Training Process

Prior to driving with a trainer, we offer a free course in a classroom setting with a former driver and experienced transportation specialist. The course includes simulator training, logs, Qualcomm, accident data, hours of service, CTPAT, scaling, backing, distracted driving, mountain driving and many more topics. This course will provide valuable information and specialized development training to make you a successful and safe professional driver.

After completing classroom training , students will be paired with a local driver for one week. This training is very important, as it gives the trainee experience in traffic shifting, maneuvering and backing into docks.

  • Trainees are guaranteed a total of 2,000 miles towards their 10,000 training miles If they drive a minimum of 20 hours per week with a local trainer, regardless of actual miles driven with the Local Training Mileage Credit. Local training is limited to two weeks maximum, so trainees must go out with an OTR driver during their training also.
  • After completing local training, students will be paired with an OTR driver trainer who will mentor them on safe driving habits, Celadon policy and procedure, and basic over-the-road techniques. Phase 2 OTR trucks are planned and dispatched as a solo and will remain in the driver trainer’s regular planning division.
  • Trainee should do all of the driving unless the trainer feels the trainee is unsafe to drive or if the trainee lacks the stamina to complete a full driving shift.
  • Trainer may drive after the trainee clock has ran out and if the trainer has time left on his.
  • Student must complete 5,000 miles total, including any credit miles before moving on to Phase 3 of training.

  • The truck is planned and dispatched as a team, and the truck will operate as a team at the trainer’s discretion. The trainer should sleep while the trainee drives and vice versa.
  • Trainee remains in Phase 3 until he/she reaches a total of 10,000 training miles, at which time the trainee is routed to the nearest terminal to graduate.
  • Trainees will continue to actively drive after reaching 10,000 miles until the truck reaches Indianapolis or the nearest terminal for graduation.
  • Trainees only get credit for miles they drive.

Prior to your graduation, you will be asked to go out with our instructor for a half day to review the skills that you have learned and make sure there are no final questions or instruction needed. Included is an evaluation of backing skills and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have prior to your final Safety road test.

During the debriefing day, you will also be asked to evaluate or R.A.T.E your trainer through a survey on a tablet that the driving instructor has with him. The survey can also be found at

You will answer a series of 10 multiple-choice questions to evaluate your trainer. Your answers are confidential and will not be shared with the trainer. This will allow the Training Department to compile a score on each trainer. This will also ensure that we are recognizing our trainers and also addressing any issues that we may see. Your feedback is very important to us!

This form can also be found at

During graduation, we have a graduation chaperone along with your advocate that will walk you through the necessary steps to graduate. Our chaperone will assist you through each step to ensure a swift and complete graduation process, with the final step being an introduction to your driver manager.

Celadon Bonus Pay

Trainer Requirements

  • Must be with Celadon for a minimum of 60 days
  • Experienced Refreshers for a minimum of 90 days
  • Former trainees must be with the company for 6 months after graduation date
  • Must be under a Safety Level 3
  • Must complete a Train The Trainer course in Indianapolis
    • We pay $100 after completion and after you take your first trainee
    • We can not have trainers under the Eagle DOT (EA) at this time

Celadon Freight

Trainer Pay

Become a trainer and earn an additional $400/month for company drivers and $800/month for lease/purchase drivers at MINIMUM

Trainers are paid $100.00 (after they complete class AND take first trainee) to attend a one-day “Train the Trainer” class in Indianapolis. Trainers are paid for ALL miles that the truck drives including all miles driven by the student while in team status. Unless they are paid L/P percentage and only the weekly bonus will apply while seated with a trainee on their truck.

$100/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T1: 0-2

$150/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T2: 3-5

$200/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T3: 6-9

$250/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T4: 10+

*Maximum of $250/Week

$150/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T1: 0-2

$200/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T2: 3-5

$250/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T3: 6-9

$300/Week + (mileage rate x miles driven by truck) — Level T4: 10+

*Maximum of $300/Week

$3/Week more per hour while trainee is on board.

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Scott Vogel

Director | Celadon Driving Academy
m: 317- 469-3151
o: 800-235-2366 ext. 22820


Ryan Kajzer

Manager | Driver Development
o: 844-209-7252 ext. 24336


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