Learn Cargo Securement Training in less than a Week!

Celadon Flatbed Academy provides an intensive, 4-day training course to teach eligible CDL-A drivers everything they need to know to get started in their flatbed careers.

The course is 100% free to our experienced Celadon drivers, so all you need to do is contact our CFA trainers at 1-800-899-8290 or tberkshire@celadontrucking.com, and find out if you're qualified to come in and start training.

Both classroom lessons and hands-on, load-specific training will give you the ultimate foundation to safely and securely haul flatbed loads. In fact, our extensive training program provides one of the highest standards of training in the trucking industry; we teach to a level beyond the DOT standard!

With the Flatbed Academy's top-tier training, you can expect to:

  • Maintain the highest level of safety on the road
  • Avoid paying fines that under-trained drivers may encounter
  • Reduce the occurence of potential damage claims
  • Minimize the chance that you'll get hurt on the job

Want to know more about driving flatbed at Celadon? Click the button above to contact our lead flatbed trainer (contact info is also provided below). He'll let you know when you're qualified to start!

Terry Berkshire
CFA Manager