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Find answers here about how to become a Celadon driver, what happens after you're hired, and even answers to questions you have while working at Celadon. If you don't get your answer below, please give a recruiter a call at 800-729-9770, or fill out our contact form

Trucks, policies and Procedures

Yes, Celadon drivers are allowed to take their trucks home.

All company drivers receive a fuel discount. Drivers fuel at Pilot Flying J, in addition to a few others.

Yes, for company drivers your driver manager will assign fuel stops on your route.

Most trucks are equipped with inverters, however, not all trucks have them.

Yes, all Celadon trucks are equipped with APUs.

The trucks are not equipped with either, but you can have the equipment installed.

Scanners are not provided on the truck, but Celadon's free app for drivers, FleetWire, features document scanning features powered by Pegasus TransTech. You can scan, store and submit all of your documents right from the cab! Ask a recruiter for more details.

Yes, if you have a rider with you, they must be your spouse or your child. Children must have permission from both parents and must be 12 years of age. We will need their ID and birth certificate.

Both company drivers and lease purchase drivers are allowed to have pets in their trucks. Contact a recruiter for complete details!

Driver Qualifications

• Must be at least 21.5 years old
• Have 6 months of verifiable tractor/trailer experience in the past 36 months
• Hold a valid Class A CDL issued by your state of residence
• Have a clean driving record
• No DWI, DUI, careless, or reckless driving convictions in the past 5 years

No problem! If you have at least 3 months of experience, you can participate in our extended orientation refresher course. For more information on this course, call (855) 209-5524.

Yes, please **DO NOT** bring, pack, or wear the following: • Tank tops • Flip flops • Sleeveless shirts • Shirts with lewd, offensive, suggestive, or inappropriate material on them

Yes, tattoos are fine as long as they are not crude or offensive. If so, please keep them covered.

Yes, all Celadon drivers are required to take a physical on the first day of orientation.

Drivers are required to take a urine test during orientation.

On average our company drivers run 2,500 miles per week. With that amount of miles you will make about $850 a week before taxes.

All Celadon employees are eligible for benefits after 60 days. For other questions relating to benefits, please visit the benefits page or call a recruiter for more specific details.


As soon as you arrive, call our dormitory at **800-CELADON** extension **24011**. They will arrange your transportation to the Celadon campus.

1. Birth Certificate
2. CDL
3. Social Security Card
4. Resident Alien Card or permanent Resident Card (if applicable)
5. List of dependents' names, Social Security numbers and birth dates for whom you will be enrolling insurance benefits
6. If planning on DIRECT DEPOSIT for your check, bring a voided check with bank routing number and account number or a direct deposit form from your bank with this information
7. If participating in the Rider Program, your rider must bring photo ID and birth certificate (passport/government visa is also acceptable)
8. Clothes to last 7-10 days. We will make every attempt to get you by the house within 7 days of dispatch
9. Medications. **DO NOT** stop taking them or leave them at home
10. Bedding (pillow and sheets)
11. Towels, washcloths, and all other necessary personal grooming items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, etc.)

Yes, please **DO NOT** bring, pack, or wear the following: • Tank tops • Flip flops • Sleeveless shirts • Shirts with lewd, offensive, suggestive, or inappropriate material on them

Orientation will take place at Celadon headquarters and lasts for 2.5 days.

Your orientation pay will be on your first paycheck if your Trainer has scanned a load OR an Owner Operator truck, your fuel card will not work during your training period.

Yes, breakfast, lunch, and dinner lodging and meals are provided on the Celadon campus at no cost to you.

Driver Training

Trainees are assigned in the order that they are placed in AT Status. Training Coordinators Pre-Plan Trainers to Trainees upon completion of Orientation and when you are placed in AT Status. Exceptions are spouses/spouses or immediate family members training each other or an approval by Management.

You must do a MINIMUM of 10,000 miles. The first 5,000 miles is in solo mode, and the remainder can be done in Team Mode or Solo Mode, decided by your trainer.

AP Status simply means APPLICANT Status. This tells the Training Department that there is paperwork that needs processed or completed, or your Drug Test Results has not come back. You can check with the Safety Qualifications Department Upstairs to see if there is anything additional you need to do to complete your paperwork.

We use Transflo.

No. The ONLY miles that count toward graduation are the miles that you drive, while logging “On Duty-Driving”. The miles driven by your Trainer do not count towards graduation.

Please let your Driver Advocate know that you would like to team upon graduation so they can put your name on a list with our Team Specialist; they can look for a team mate for you.

No, we will make you a priority to get you with another trainer right away.

Call your Driver Advocate, we will try to resolve the issue or offer helpful suggestions. In most cases, we will find a solution for you so you may continue your training with little or no interruption.

A recruiter will review your information and contact you directly to get started!