Performance Bonus Lowdown

Celadon is proud to offer its drivers a new way to make more money! The new bonus program aims to increase driver performance and reward those drivers who go above and beyond for the company.  

Celadon awards bonuses to drivers in the top two performance tiers (out of five total tiers). Drivers in tiers 3, 4, and 5 are not rewarded for their score but are provided with tips on how to improve for future months. Drivers who disagree with an event that impacted their score negatively have a chance to dispute the violation in a rebuttal. The best part of this program – it helps, never hurts. Drivers are not docked pay as a result of being in a lower tier. 


  • Celadon Over-The-Road, Expedited, and Temperature Controlled fleet drivers
  • NOT CURRENTLY ELIGIBLE: Eagle, Jaguar, Hyndman, Osborn and Celadon Local fleet drivers


  • Performance is scored based on availability and compliance:
    • 70% availability
    • 30% compliance
  • Drivers can track their performance by category on the driver portal


  • Beginning June 1, 2015
  • Drivers are re-evaluated and scored each month, so your score in June will not affect your score/bonus payout in July or any subsequent month

How Much

  • Performance pay will not affect other current bonus programs
  • Drivers can earn $100 performance bonus for each month as a Tier 1 driver
  • Drivers can earn $50 performance bonus for each month as a Tier 2 driver
  • Tiers 3,4, and 5 do not earn performance bonuses
  • Payout bonuses for performance scored from June 1, 2015 – November 30, 2015 will be reflected on the second paycheck of December 2015
  • Driver must be employed for the entire month in order for that month’s bonus to be earned
  • Driver must be employed on or after December 1, 2015 to be eligible for the collective payout. 

Important Details

  • Drivers are notified when something negative has impacted their score via QUALCOMM
  • A driver has seven days to make a rebuttal against the negative score
  • Rebuttals must be submitted through the driver’s QUALCOMM using Macro 57
  • Additional questions regarding this Performance Bonus Program can be submitted to a Driver Manager,  Driver Experience at 844-235-2366 or through the Driver Portal:

1.        Log in at (new users click “Register Here” to set up your account)

2.        Click “Company” in menu

3.        Click “Contact Us”

4.        Select “Driver Experience”

5.        Enter your message/question and email address

6.        “Submit” your request