FAQ: Team Sign-On Pay Supplement

Celadon is now offering teams a $4000 sign-on pay supplement beginning January 1. 

Q. Who is eligible for this $4000 Team Sign-on pay supplement?

A. Any Celadon Team Driver hired after January 1,2017 is eligible and will qualify.

Q. What if current solo drivers who have never driven team decide to drive team? Do they qualify?

A. Yes, they would qualify.

Q. How is the pay supplement paid out?

A. This is performance-based. As drivers hit each of the four Mileage Payout Milestones (30,000-60,000-90,000-120,000), they will receive a $1000 payout.

Q. Exactly how will it be calculated?

A. It will be calculated on all paid team dispatched miles for each week, divided by two.

Q. When do I receive the payouts?

A. Payouts are calculated weekly and will be paid the week following achievement of mileage milestone.

Q. I am currently on a team and I am losing my partner. Is there some way for me to qualify?

A. Yes, if your new partner is eligible (for example-a new team driver), then you become eligible.

Q. Does this new sign on pay supplement replace the milage utilization or other programs for teams?

A. No. All company bonuses and lease operator incentives including the utilization, HAZMAT and double endorsement bonuses and incentives are still available to team drivers. 


Questions regarding the sign-on pay supplement can be submitted to Josh Shaffer at Jshaffer@celadontrucking.com