Trucker Mama: Tune into This

A perk of driving for a living is total control over what is played in your cab.

A drawback of driving for a living is when you cannot find anything worth playing in your cab.

Some days you may feel like I do with my 4,000 cable channels: all this and yet somehow NOTHING is on.

Today, the sky is (truly) the limit when it comes to radio programming.  You can always scan from station to station letting static be your guide that it’s time to turn the dial.  You can subscribe to a service or listen to podcasts to make the most of the windshield time. Let’s explore these options:

·         Sirius XM:  This is a radio subscription service.  You can have access to a variety of channels, totaling nearly 200.  The cost ranges from $10-20 a month, and the packages are similar to the customization options of cable TV.  You can listen from your car, the air, on the ocean, your devices, home or work.  Sirius is the most widely-used service, although we can always expect competitors and other break-through technology in this arena. 

·         Podcasts Galore:  This is a new form of talk radio.  You zero in on a subject or topic of interest and play directly through your radio speakers.

o   Prairie Home Companion and EntreLeadership: Why not start with two of Trucker Mama’s Favorites?

o   Airline Pilot Guy: This is my husband’s favorite, so I get to learn all about aviation whenever I am in his truck.

o   Trucker Dump: May be something you listen to in your truck?!  Any trucker podcasts you recommend or prefer? 

o   This American Life and TED: Two podcasts I learned about in my research and am now anxious to try.  I look forward to a more enlightened ride to the office starting in the morning.

When I drove for a living, sometimes I would drive in silence with nothing but random thoughts for hours.  Another day rock and roll would save my soul, errrr, at least my sanity on a long-trip.  Sometimes I enjoyed just listening and learning with NPR.

I have made it a personal goal to explore more podcasts, a free option to shake things up on my daily commute?  How about you? What keeps you entertained on the long-haul?

As always, I look forward to hearing what you think of this article and what else you would like to see in this spot. 

Take care of yourself and drive home safely,

Trucker Mama