New Pay Programs: Effective June 30, 2016

Q: How does the revenue share work on a backhaul load that is below the threshold?

A: For example, a driver on our 70% on time service pay package is dispatched on a 1,019 mile load that is picked up in Jacksonville, FL and headed to Flint, MI. The load total pays $1,200.00 total ($1019.00 in line haul and $181.00 in fuel) where 70% driver’s cut on that load would normally be $840.00 (70% of $1200.00). Celadon’s revenue share program will automatically determine that this load is under the threshold. Consequently, the driver will be paid $1019.00 to reach the $1.00 per loaded OTR mile for this load to the driver. The driver will be sent a Qualcomm message stating that the load normally would pay $840.00, but Celadon’s Revenue Share Program is kicking in $179.00 additional for this load, making the total driver’s cut for this Jacksonville, FL to Flint, MI run pay $1,019.00 to the driver.

Another example would be a load going from Henderson, CO to Ontario, CA – a distance of 995 miles. The total load revenue is $1,275.00, so the 70% driver’s cut for driver would typically be $892.50 for that run.  This is under the threshold so the driver would be paid an additional $102.50 to haul that load with the Revenue Share program

Q: Are mileage driver eligible for the Revenue Share program?

A: No. Current mileage drivers on only eligible for the Holiday Piggy Bank program, but percentage partners on the road are eligible for both the Revenue Share and the Holiday Piggy Bank program.

*Note all mileage drivers will be given the option to switch to our 70% for on time service pay program

Q: Will I still get Holiday Piggy Bank money for my 50,000 miles that I ran if I decide to leave Celadon on 11/29/2016?

A:  No. But, you would have received $2,500.00 if you were contracted with Celadon at the date of payout. Thinking long term can make a huge impact and result in a nice bonus right before the Holidays!

Q: If I choose to switch from a lease purchase contractor to become a company driver during the Holiday Piggy Bank window of 7/1-11/30, am I still eligible to receive the Holiday Piggy Bank payout?

A: Yes. You will still be eligible to receive the Holiday Piggy Bank payout, but only the miles you ran as a contractor during that period will count towards the incentive. Also, your payout will be taxed as you will be a company employee after you switch to become a company driver.

Q: Do I still make $1.00/mile minimum if I am at one of the lower pay packages?

A: No. Experience refreshers make $0.98/mile. Rookie refreshers make $0.96/mile. Students make $0.94/mile minimum on the Revenue Share program. As with any question or concern, please contact your driver manager.