Celadon May Drivers of the Month

Every month drivers are recognized for their hard work by their Driver Managers. If you have any questions about becoming Driver of the Month, please ask your Driver Manager. 

 May Drivers of the Month include:

Manuel Gonzales

He ran 16,438 miles in the month of May

"I would have to say planning ahead for everything we do out here as well as communication with our Driver Manager is the key to success. I've learned how to best use my time while making smart and safe decisions."

**Not Pictured

Dariusz Bialek & Grace Bialek

The Bialek's ran 23,537 miles in month of May

"It's nice to be recognized! Dariusz has over 10 years driving experience so he is the head of our moves and has proven time again to be really good at planning. I'm (Grace) almost 2 years into my carrier and try to always follow my husbands lead. We do not refuse loads, do not make stops for no reason and we prepare healthy meals in the truck. We find jogging and exercising to be extreme stress relievers. The key word we live by is team, we do fullfill each other."

Grace Bialek.jpg

Christopher Nalls

Christopher ran 14,123 miles in the month of May


"Chris is great about utilizing his time to the Max. He is quick to respond to load assignments and runs every hour available on his clock. He is the true definition of a hard worker."

-Driver Manager, Candy Hoop