New Increased Team Driver Pay: Q&A

Q.        What is the new pay rate?
A.        For experienced teams, pay increases from a $.42 split base to $.50 split base – an $.08 increase.

Q.        Who is eligible for this pay increase?
A.        All US-based company team drivers.

Q.        When does the pay increase go into effect?
A.        The change becomes effective for all loads that are dispatched on or after May 2.

Q.        Will all team driver pay be increased?
A.        Experienced teams below the $.50 split will be raised to the $.50 split.  Drivers over the $.50 split will continue to be paid at their current rate.

Q.        Has anything changed with the utilization bonus?
A.        Yes.  The utilization bonus is now tiered as follows:


Q.        Are company team drivers still eligible for the $.005/mile safety bonus, the $.01/mile pay increase for every 240,000 miles they run and for the WageLock® program?
A.        Yes.  All three remain in place for team drivers.

Q.        Are there any incentives for doubles/pup certification and HazMat certification?
A.         Yes.  If both drivers are certified in both areas, the team will be paid an additional $.02 split on all miles.  The current HazMat pay ($0.02 on Hazmat only miles) has gone away.

Q.        If a team is currently above the $.50 split base, what benefit do they see from this pay schedule change?
A.        More tenured drivers have the opportunity to get the $.02 bonus for the Doubles/HazMat certification as well as the ability to earn more with the tiered utilization bonus.