We are Deeply Saddened by the Passing of our Founder

It is with much sadness that I share with you the passing of Steve Russell last night. He passed away peacefully in his sleep after struggling for months with various medical issues. He turned 76 years old on March 9th and lived a full and eventful life. He has impacted so many of us in so many ways which we will all have to remember him. He started Celadon 30 years ago and as he always said, it was like his fourth child, which makes us all that much more a part of who he was and why we will all miss him. Whether you have known him for two weeks or twenty years, he quickly had an impact on everyone with his sayings, life lesson comments and kind acts to people and charities. 

We need to take this time to reflect on what a interesting, thoughtful and unique man he was, the way he impacted the lives of each of us and celebrate not his passing, but the fact that we are all fortunate enough to have been impacted by such a special person. I know this is not easy for everyone that knew him and was touched by him, but I believe he would have wanted us to know his life all revolved around his family and his Celadon family, both that meant so much to him. 

Main memorial service is at 1pm on Sunday at Temple Beth-El Zedeck (600 W 70th).