We would like to congratulate Derek O'Brien, Dana Lebo, and Joe Castrovince on winning Employee of the Quarter, and Ashley Harr on receiving Manager of the Quarter. Thank you for all your hard work!

Derek O'Brien

As a new employee, Drek consistently posted some of the highest numbers for miles and revenue per truck on his fleet. He goes out of his way early to learn about truck planning, which, with all other metrics, has helped keep his driver turnover near zero.

Dana Lebo

Dana has led the Customer Experience on-boarding process so Celadon is in a good position to start new business. She developed a standardized progress tracker and questionnaire set, ensuring ease of the on-boarding process for both customers and Celadon. She continues to help streamline business processes so that the Customer Experience team can spend more time speaking with customers.

Joe Castrovince

Joe orchestrated repairs and upkeep around the Denver terminal, saving Celadon nearly $20,000 by avoiding use of outside contractors. He has completed S.T.A.R. training, certifying him to process drivers and trainers through safety training. This makes Denver the third Celadon location in western U.S. with such capabilities.

Ashley Harr

Ashley played an integral part in managing the Blitz project -- a successful growth initiative focused solely on the Walmart account. She helped train other divisions within Celadon on Walmart operations, as this business spans multiple operating segments. She has also assisted in improving the Lowe's account, bringing us much closer in becoming a Lowe's Gold Carrier.

Top: Ashley Harr with her manager Ben Werner. Bottom left to right: Dana Lebo with her manager Kevin Largent, Derek O'Brien with his manager Claire Cahill.