WageLock program to be discontinued 10/25/2016

Why is WageLock being discontinued?

The trucking industry and Celadon have been challenged with a tight freight market. To remain competitive, we must take steps to ensure our rates to customers remain competitive. This is but one step we are undertaking to ensure we remain a viable option for customers.

When does it become effective?

WageLock discontinued at midnight on Tuesday, October 25th and longer paid out for trips delivered after that date.

Are there any other changes to the pay package for company drivers?

No, all other elements of our pay package to company drivers remains the same.

What about the future?

As the market improves, Celadon is committed to investing in wages and pay programs to ensure we stay competitive and remain a top tier destination for drivers.

Where can I get more information?

As information becomes available, it will be uploaded to the driver portal.

Will there still be a driver's scorecard?

Yes. It will continue to be used in discussion with drivers for training and development purposes.

What if I have questions?

If you have questions about WageLock or any element of your driver pay package, please contact your driver manager.