June 2015 Drivers of the Month

Wytch Woodberry

Wytch Woodberry-June 2015 Driver of the Month

Wytch’s experiences growing up close to his family farm taught him strong work ethic and a sense of personal pride. His DM says he is always on time, enthusiastic, and successfully plans trips. Wytch says he did not even know driver of the month was awarded—he was just doing his job!

How long has he been in the business?
Wytch has worked in transportation for 27 years, eight with Celadon.

What is his background?
Wytch is from Canton, Mississippi. He grew up with eight sisters and one brother and now has two daughters of his own. He likes sports and supports teams such as the New England Patriots, Texas State University, and Louisiana State University. He also enjoys hunting and fishing, but most of his free time is spent with family.

What advice does he have to be successful on the road?
Take pride in your work—“your word is your bond.” Do the best no matter what jobs you are doing, and develop key relationships with your DM and the people you work with, always be on your best behavior because attitude is important.

What motivates Wytch?
He says he does not have bad days—why should he? He is a 10-year cancer survivor and has learned to move on from negativity. Family and personal pride are important to him. He was also raised with a religious background, so faith guides him as well. 


Candice and Derek Settle

team with dm

Candice and Derek are newcomers to Celadon with one to five years’ experience in transportation. However, they have already proven to be dedicated drivers. They are a husband and wife team who plan their route together and get to see the country while out on the road.

What is their background?
Candice and Derek met in Candice’s hometown when Derek moved, and within a year, they were married and moving somewhere new. Candice finished college. Then, Derek worked in underground mining while Candice worked for the IRS. The couple only saw each other about once a week, and they decided to start driving, where they would be together all the time.

What makes the team’s driving approach unique?
As far as the driver scorecard, Candice and Derek are always focusing on the bottom line and reducing idle time as much as possible. They run their truck from a business standpoint, complete with a spreadsheet to track for expenses and revenue. Candice has a background in accounting and was two classes away from a master’s degree, so she is always able to track expenses and find the cheapest fuel.

What advice do they have for other drivers?
From a lease perspective, a lot of people get too caught up in listening to other people’s negative experiences. As a driver, you have to figure out what works with your truck and be aware of all the costs involved. For drivers in general, stop and enjoy your time when the truck isn’t running—stay safe on the road but enjoy.

What do the Settles enjoy doing when they are not on the road?
This team enjoys visiting new places and trying new restaurants. They recently enjoyed visiting Seattle. They take pride their work and making a comfortable living environment in their truck, but when they aren’t trucking, they’re at their home on the beach. They love bowling and mini golf.

Ronald Blackenship

June 2015 Drivers of the Month

Ron’s DM says he is a “driving machine” and “a joy to dispatch.” He is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. It’s no surprise that Ron is one of Celadon’s master drivers with over 2 million miles and 35 years with Celadon under his belt.

What did he do before driving with Celadon?
Ron drove a deuce and pick-up truck and tractor trailer for the army. He was also a crew chief in helicopter. He later was moving furniture but hurt his back and was looking to drive a truck without the lifting. A friend referred him to Celadon, and he has been here ever since. “I’ve been driving so long, it’s hard to do something wrong,” he said.

What drives Ron to be successful?
Above all, Ron drives for his wife and family; he just got married eight months ago. He also is very close with his dispatcher, Amy Pellerin, who he has been with for 19 years. Ron says he won’t drive for anyone but Celadon, and he considers his coworkers as friends. “I can’t leave Amy—that would just be wrong,” he added with a laugh.

What are Ron’s hobbies?
Ron says he works hard here so he can have a good time at home. He enjoys being able to have a glass of wine with his wife during home time.

What advice does he have for fellow drivers?
Always show up early. The sooner you get the load, the sooner you get rid of it, the more money you make, and then you can keep on moving.