Kelly Whittier celebrates 20 years of building relationships with Celadon

Kelly Whittier 20 Years with Celadon

Strong relationships at work and home as well as a clean driving record brought Kelly Whittier to 20 successful years working as a Celadon driver.

Kelly began her career driving with Burlington for seven years. When Celadon acquired Burlington, she merged to the new company and drove with Celadon for 13 years. Kelly explained that this company is what she knows and where she is comfortable. She is proud of her clean driving record at Celadon.

“I don’t have to be the best driver, but I want to be a confident, safe, reliable driver,” she said.

For Kelly, the people she works with are the greatest part of her career. Kelly also enjoys that some employees know her dog and keep pictures of him.

“I’ve met a lot of nice people who take care of me,” she said. 

Kelly has always been a team player. She grew up in a family with six siblings and became very close with family. She spent 18 years of her career team driving with her other half, named Dale.

Somewhere along the line, Kelly’s driving team grew to include Buddy, her faithful canine companion. Buddy has spent 10 of his 11 years on the truck. He has been especially important to Kelly after the passing of her co-driver Dale, who traded driving responsibilities with her and provided support throughout the years because, as Kelly said, “misery loves company” on long drives.

Buddy is rewarded for his constant moral support. Kelly jokes that when she stops for lunch at Celadon’s Indianapolis headquarters, she gives the bigger steak to Buddy.

When Kelly and Buddy are not on the road, they do not travel often because Kelly prefers to spend her free time with her family. She is very creative and makes beautiful cookies and cupcakes. True to her Wisconsin roots, Kelly loves cheese and enjoys whipping up a batch of mac and cheese or taco bake for her family.

Kelly is amazed at new technology, what she can learn from new drivers, and how many people now work for Celadon after her 20 years on the team. Her definition of success is being happy and content, and she continues to reach for that success each day.