Teammates Michael Clardy & Clyde Wade named April's Driver of the Month

Drivers Michael Clardy and Clyde Wade were recognized at Celadon's quarterly town hall meeting as top drivers during the month of April. The two began their careers behind the wheel in 1993. In 2010 they teamed up to become part of Celadon's Team Division. Clardy mentioned how he wished he joined Celadon 15 years earlier because he enjoys Celadon's stability. He states, "The people running me over the years have my back." 

 The team ran nearly 23,000 miles in April. If that's not impressive enough, they recently hit a personal record of 28,000 miles in one month. They attribute driver managers Hap Hanssen and Tim Harris for their support in achieving such remarkable success on the road. Current driver manager, Melissa Dawson, likes working with these guys. She says, "They like running hard."

Driving these miles they've discovered a new love for Laredo. They've insisted on putting our Jaguar logo on the side of the truck instead of Celadon (Jaguar is Celadon's operation in Mexico). Great job, team!


Driver of the Month is selected based on miles driven and idle time percentage. Each month, four drivers are recognized and awarded with an embroidered hat and certificate.

Drivers are an integral part of the company's growth and success. We appreciate the hard work, dedication, and time spent on the road of each and every driver. Thank you.

April's Drivers of the Month include: Michael Clardy, Clyde Wade, Michael Gargan, and Joseph Dutton.