CoPilot In-Cab Navigation FAQ

Have questions about using the CoPilot navigation system? We have your answers. 

Celadon CoPilot FAQ

Q. What will be included in a routing?

A. The routings we provide will include your pick up, delivery, fuel stops and any extra pick ups or deliveries that you have on your load.

Q. Will I need to manually input addresses?

A. No, you will not. Your route will automatically be applied to the map in your navigation system once you have been dispatched on a load. 

Q. Will I still receive the routing in my messages?

A. You will no longer be receiving your text routing in your Qualcomm messages.  Your routing will be sent directly to the CoPilot system. 

Q. What about my fuel stops and toll authorizations?

A. You will still receive your fuel stops and toll authorizations in your messages after dispatch.

Q. Where can I find my turn-by-turn directions?

A. You can find your turn-by-turn directions by clicking the menu button and then clicking the option that says Directions.

Q. Can I make my map always face north?

A. Absolutely!  You will need to hit the Menu button > Main Menu > Settings > Map Display > 2D Display Settings, then change your 2D Map Rotation to North Up.

Q. What do I do if CoPilot freezes?

A. This issue can often be fixed by resetting your Qualcomm.

Q. How do I reset my Qualcomm?

A. The best way to reset your Qualcomm is to hit the home button, go to Settings, click Speakers and hit Apply. It will present you with the option to reset the Qualcomm. 

Q. Who can I contact if I have issues with the CoPilot system?

A. We currently have two lines of communication open for issues with CoPilot.  You can send in macro 27 and direct the message to NAV, or go to the Driver Portal > Company > Contact Us, and select In Cab Navigation as the department.

Q. What should I do if I am routed to the wrong place, routed back to a completed stop or routed off and right back on the interstate?

A. Please utilize one of the methods of communication above and provide specific information such as interstate and exit number, fuel stop or customer name and load number.