Mandatory Open Enrollment for Medical, Dental and Vision November 2-20

Benefits open enrollment

If you wish to have medical, dental or vision coverage for 2016, you must re-elect to have coverage, even if you already have coverage and do not wish to make changes. Call the enrollment center at 844-354-5896 to get signed up.

Voluntary products will roll over to 2016. FSA enrollment is also mandatory.

Cost of plans

·         Lower deductible

o   Single base plan: $2,250

o   Single buy-up plan: $1,750

o   Family base plan: $4,500

o   Family buy-up plans: $3,500

What you need to know about changes to 2016 benefits:

·         Removal of employer-funded HRA dollars

o   Celadon spent over $900,000 on HRA dollars in the first seven months, which was a large spend on turned over employees.

·         Addition of ER clause

o   Some conditions not generally considered an emergency include colds, influenza, ear infections, nausea or headaches. See benefits for complete wording.

·         Addition of hazardous clause

o   Hazardous pursuit involves charges resulting from hazardous pursuit, hobby or activity. See benefits for a complete list of hazardous activities.

·         Addition of smokelyzer test

o   If you would like to get a non-tobacco user rate on your benefits, you must take a smokelyzer test to prove you are a non-smoker before December 23, 2015.

·         New medical carrier to replace Anthem BCBS

o   GPA/Magellan RX, PHCS Network and ELAP combine to replace Anthem BCBS.

o   GPA/Magellan RX—Replace Anthem on the member service side. GPA will be consumer/member friendly when it comes to disease management and nurse navigator services.

o   PHCS Network—Physician Only Network is available through MultiPlan. Visit to search for your doctor or request to add your doctor to the network. See benefits for more information.

o   ELAP—Audits facility bills to obtain fair pricing for members and Celadon.

This is a general overview of the benefits changes. Visit the enrollment center next to HR in Celadon HQ or call 844-354-5896 for more information.

Open enrollment is for company drivers, warehouse employees and admin employees. Owner/operators and lease purchase drivers should call 1-888-535-4643 to access healthcare benefits.