Help Us Welcome Joe Stevens as Our New Vice President of Driver Development!

Earlier this year, we announced our intention to create a “Driver First” mentality here at Celadon.  We assigned Joe Stevens to undertake this important mission as part of his responsibilities as Vice President of Dry Van Operations.  In the short time that Joe has overseen the Driver First project, we have seen great progress and our fleet is responding very well to the many initiatives he has created, most notably our Driver Council.

To ensure continued success and ensure that we have someone focused exclusively on the drivers, we have established a Vice President of Driver Development position and have asked Joe to lead this department.  Quite simply, his role is to improve the driver experience across all departments and every touch point – starting with once they join us at the Celadon Driving Academy or for Celadon orientation and continuing while the driver remains part of our fleet.  

Please join us in congratulating Joe and wishing him well. We will also be answering any questions you have on Facebook live on Wednesday @ 11AM. 

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We're rolling out a NEW Quarterly Safety Incentive Program!

Frequently Asked Questions

What has changed from the old safety bonus?

There’s no more waiting for your bonus! It’s now a points-based system, and after accumulating points each quarter, you’ll be able to redeem those points immediately at the end of each quarter for some great prizes. You will also be able to compete against your peers for a spot on the leaderboard!

While this program is only available to current drivers, apply today to get on your way to taking advantage of the great benefits Celadon offers!

Do I qualify for the Quarterly Safety Incentive?

A driver must be a full-time company driver (Owner Operators or drivers for Owner Operators are not eligible) and must remain in service with Celadon at the time your accumulated bonus points are issued. This basic qualification is unchanged from the old bonus, but see the program regulations for all the details.

Can I be disqualified?

 Yes, you will not earn points under this system for a quarter if any of the following occurred during the quarter:

  • Issued violation of local/state/federal regulation or company policy
  • Remedial accidents or incidents
  • Logs counseling or corrective action
  • Failing to submit an inspection on time
  • Failing to complete Quarterly Safety Training
  • Excessive critical events

How do I earn points?

Drive safely. A driver must complete the following minimum paid miles/hours during a given quarter to qualify for that period’s bonus points:

  • Mileage Solo Driver - 1 point per mile over 10,000 miles
  • Mileage Team Drivers (Split) - 1 point per mile over 20,000 (split) miles
  • Hourly Drivers - 35 points per hour over 180 hours

A mileage driver that exceeds 30,000 paid miles or an hourly driver that exceeds 750 hours during the calendar quarter, will be awarded 30,000 additional points. A driver that submits a roadside inspection without violations will receive 4,000 additional points.

While this program is only available to current drivers, apply today to get on your way to taking advantage of the great benefits Celadon offers!

Will my points expire?

No! As long as you remain an active driver for Celadon, your points will not expire. Your points will only be forfeited when you leave the company.

How do I log in?

AFTER JULY 1, 2017, visit or follow the link on the Driver Portal. You will be accruing points up until that point, but you just won't be able to log into the system yet!

When the time comes, you'll be notified to start logging in to view your accrued points. Log in at the site above using your Driver ID, and you will be prompted to change your password to get started.

Are awards shipped to me or do I have to pick them up somewhere?

Shipping is free! Simply redeem your points for any item you see (and have enough points for), and it will arrive on your doorstep within a few days.

If I have questions about the policy, whom should I ask?

Start with your Driver Manager and then reach out to Safety if you have further questions.

What if I have an idea for making the incentive better?

Great, we absolutely want to hear about it. Click on “Bright Ideas” via the Dashboard and submit your idea to us!

While this program is only available to current drivers, apply today to get on your way to taking advantage of the great benefits Celadon offers!

Drive Your Education

Since 1973, Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has been helping students associated with the transportation industry reach their dreams. The TCA scholarship Fund rewards up to $6,250 per year to full-time college students. Each year, the Fund gives out more than 45 scholarships worth over $125,000 to students. Celadon is a member of the TCA, so all employees and their immediate family(spouse and children) are eligible to apply. More information and the online application is due by Friday, June 23, 2017. Click here to apply! Drive Your Education