Drive Your Education

Since 1973, Truckload Carriers Association (TCA) has been helping students associated with the transportation industry reach their dreams. The TCA scholarship Fund rewards up to $6,250 per year to full-time college students. Each year, the Fund gives out more than 45 scholarships worth over $125,000 to students. Celadon is a member of the TCA, so all employees and their immediate family(spouse and children) are eligible to apply. More information and the online application is due by Friday, June 23, 2017. Click here to apply! Drive Your Education

5 Myths about Flatbed Driving


Flatbed driving is a uniquely challenging job in the transportation industry. With the right training, attitude and support behind your new profession, it can be a fun and rewarding career as well. Like every profession, flatbed driving has its pros and cons; but don't believe everything you hear about it. Below are 5 common myths about flatbed driving.

Myth 1: The job doesn't pay well.

Truth: Flatbed consistently pays drivers more per mile when compared to other types of trucking jobs because of the labor of the load. Loading and unloading freight allows flatbed carriers to charge more for the services. The harder you work, the more you can expect to get paid. For instance, Celadon has set up milestones for flatbed drivers based on their tenure with us as a company driver:

  • Start date - Your picture is featured on our Elite Fleet wall
  • 2 months - $50 Pilot gift card
  • 6 months - Flat screen TV/DVD combo
  • 1 year - Celadon bomber jacket w/patch for every year in the Elite Fleet
  • 18 months - Trucker GPS
  • 2 year - $1,000 bonus

Myth 2: Drivers need a lot of training.

Truth: Every profession requires some sort of training. When compared to other career choices, driving flatbed doesn't take as long to receive proper training. Celadon has a quick, 4 -day load securement training course at Celadon Trucking! For more information visit, Flatbed Training. 

Myth 3: Load securement is too tough. 

Truth: If you follow the appropriate procedures and use tools and equipment provided, you can be successful and it will be easy. Properly, securing loads is one responsibility that flatbed drivers should never take lightly since it's such a huge part of the job. 

Myth 4: Flatbed driving is a man's game.

Truth: Flatbed driving is challenging for everyone at times, just like every profession. We are seeing more women take the lead on driving big rigs and wanting more training in Celadon's Flatbed division. Don't let the perception keep you from giving flatbed a try!

Myth 5: Flatbed driving is an unsafe job.

Truth: With rest time, focus and proper training, drivers can pay better attention to every situation and road condition on the job. With the support of Celadon's dedicated staff, and safety training programs, we continue to help the Flatbed division stay safe while driving out on the job.

For more information, call Celadon Flatbed recruiting team 317-767-1571. 

Do What You Love, Stay Close To Home

Celadon is looking to grow our Regional Dedicated fleet out of the Indianapolis area.  Take home an average of $1100 per week. Interested in joining our dedicated team, call one of our recruiters today 1-888-842-0441 or look for more information at

Now you can get healthcare at home or on the road.

AnywhereCare™ is Here

It's easy, convenient, and free.  Simply download and install the iSalus Healthcare AnywhereCare™ app on your iPhone or Android device.

When you want to make an appointment, simply call the Verve Clinic at 866-420-9156.  When it's time to begin your appointment on the phone, you'll receive a text.  And if as a result of your appointment you need a prescription filled, you’ll be provided a list of nearby pharmacies where the prescription can be filled.

Now you and your family can receive medical attention for common illnesses regardless of your location – whether you are on the road or on your couch.

"Spring Clean" Your Driving Image

Showing pride in the ride and the job, having self respect and respecting each other. These are the most important steps to a One Trucker Nation and the return of the close-knit bond of professional truck drivers. Here are some easy tips to help you start your professional "spring cleaning."

Celadon's Driver Council


We recently completed our first Driver Council meeting.  We received a number of great ideas from the drivers who participated.  We’re planning to implement several suggestions in the coming days and several more will take a bit more time to bring to market.  We’re looking forward to our next meeting in April.